Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well after a long day at home with the sick Little One yesterday its been a long day at work playing catch up.....and by that I mean reading blogs, posting on boards, making a new header for the know, important stuff...surely you didn't think I was actually working?! Well, kind of, I did do a lot of actual work too

There is a little something I must tell you about that I mentioned the other day. If you are not already signed up for you need to get over there and do it now!! I signed up after reading about it on Sasha's blog and I have to tell you that it's been so very cool. So far I have received a $50 check, paper towels to try and then survey and just yesterday I received a whole package of diapers to try and survey after I'm done with the pack. Very cool. I love money for practically nothing and I know you do too~ Get on over there and try it out! They reward you for taking surveys about the products you use

I'll be back later with a full report but right now I have to go pick up the minis

I'm feeling no lurve one reads my blog but pathetic am I


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