Wednesday, September 24, 2008

the new drug

who knows of this new drug Facecrack (read:Facebook)?

Apparently it should come with a warning of some nature because as much as I hate (and I do hate) to admit it, I became addicted to it.....and quickly

A month or so ago my brother convinced me that I needed to join facecrack. I was way, I've heard about those Internet weirdos and I've seen To Catch a Predator....not that I'm a 12 year old girl looking to get some....but still..

and he was's NOT like My Space, well kind of, but not at all.......and after much arguing and arm twisting I reluctantly joined.

if I'm lyin' I'm dyin', the people...errr "friends" came out of the woodwork.....people that haven't even entered my mind in 15 years or more suddenly were all.....OMG YOU'RE ON FACECRACK!! BE MY FRIEND!.....and then they were all......How have you been, what have you been up to and where do you live and blah blah blah husband blah kids blah work blah blah....and in a matter of 15 days just about every person I knew existed in high school was contacting me to be "friends".....I mean, yes I knew 'of' these people, I knew their names and maybe said hello or talked shit about them behind their backs in high school or something and now we are Facecrack "friends"......who'd a thunk it

some of them "want to get together for a drink sometime and catch up".......catch up on WHAT??? We weren't friends then, what makes you think we'll be friends now???? I knew 'of' you and you knew 'of' me, we each knew the other existed at the same school, but who are we kidding, we were never "friends".............

but seriously......I have more friends on facecrack than I have in real life......well I guess technically they are all real life but would we stop and chat had we not 'found' one another on facecrack? Isn't it really a contest to see who has the most "friends"???

Honestly I seriously was addicted to it for a couple weeks......I'm kinda over it soon as people start sending me "flair" and "little green patch plants" and "be in my Mob for MobWars" requests....I'm done

Too much work that Facecrack. I'm not dedicated enough.......perhaps that's why those people weren't friends with me IRL all those years ago? Hmmmmm.....perhaps I need an attitude adjustment........or maybe I just need a glass of wine?


Semi-Slacker Mom said...

I just joined facebook too. Orginally it was to look at my BFF's ex-husband's page, but then like you say "friends" started coming out of the woodwork. I don't comment to them, they rarely comment to me. Just collect them! That's all.

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