Wednesday, September 17, 2008


SHUT.UP I say to the mysterious caller on the other end of my lifeline (read:cellphone) this's the husband and he is AT THE GROCERY STORE. AGAIN!
Seems he forgot something on the list I "left" for him yesterday (shhhhh.....that's our secret) and wanted to know if there was anything else he could get while he was there.
Seriously, I say, who is this?

Big One got her name put in the Behavior Book yesterday at 1st grade. Seems when the teacher told the class to quiet down and quit talking (read: SHUT.UP), my 1st grader decided this didn't mean everyone, just the ones that weren't too busy telling everyone else at thier table (hello Big One...) what to do. Well, in the Said So house you are rewarded for good behavior and by having a good week at school you get to pick something from the Treasure Box or have some other form of surprise on Friday evenings. Big One has been just DYING for this damn Hanna Montana bear at Build A Bear and I told her last week if she had a good week for two weeks in a row that we would go to Build A Bear since she has been a very good big sister and helps me a lot. (you see where this is going right?) Well, fits were thrown when I informed her that her Build A Bear trip was now out (damn it, he he) since she got her name in the Behavior Book. BUT BUT BUT MOOOOOMMMMMM......I've been so good....
Yes, yes you have but we cannot go now because today you were bad. Trying to make her understand was a sad little battle and she is sooooo pissed at me now. She was even MORE pissed at me when we got home and I told Daddy about the Behavior Book and he promptly took away her "ride" for the day (they ride the 4wheeler in the neighborhood and 'forest' as she calls it in the evenings). Well, you seriously would have thought that someone just murdered Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers were lost at sea. She was more upset about losing her ride with Daddy than she was about the Build A Bear thing. She was CRUSHED. But, even this morning when she came downstairs all grumpy and whiney like she does, she was still so pissed at me for being the bad's apparently ALL MY FAULT. I told her that it is my job to ensure that she grows up with a sense of responsibility for her actions and she will thank me one day. Today will not be that day. They don't call me the Meanest Mommy In the World for nothing kid....

She lives for the 4wheeler rides with Daddy. She's been wanting one of her own for a couple years now. She's not a doll-playing, barbie-loving, tea party kind of girl. She's an outdoors, 4wheeler, swingset, trampoline, swimming kind of girl. She doesn't even own a doll. Not one. But she LOVES her stuffed animals with a passion. But interestingly enough, she is prissy in the way she dresses and MUST have painted toenails at all times and is very into lip gloss these days, can't leave the house without "lips". So she's a pleasant mix of the two I guess. I keep hoping she's inherited my love of football, but it's not looking good in that department.

Oh, and as we are waiting for her carpool ride this morning she turns to me and she says Mommy, what is entrapment?



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