Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

I'm doing Friday Fragments today......thanks Mrs.4444

1. I've been sick as a dog all week thanks to the Little One's shared creeping crud, but as bad as I've felt I feel even worse complaining when my Grandmother was just put under Hospice Care at the Nursing Home she's in.......

2. Little One was a preemie and I just got word from the fine folks at Caremark Specialty Pharmacy that she is covered 100% for the Synagis vaccine this year......oh yippie skippie you say.......well it is $2000 per dose and she has to get it every month for 5 months to keep from getting RSV....that's $10000........phew! And since she's in Storage every day wallowing in the cesspool of bacteria and virus she'll surely be better off !!

3. My cat died back in April and I've been back and forthing on getting another, I haven't felt ready and getting a dog is like getting another mini and NO THANK YOU to that! I think I'm ready.........

4. I put this in my what do you recommend post earlier in the week, but no one responded.......even though I can see that there is traffic's just that NO ONE COMMENTS DAMMIT......except that cutie patootie A Belle and her Beau (thank you!)
but as I was saying.......I need new flip please

5. I'm excited that Big One wants a four wheeler for Christmas and the husband and I put down the deposit yesterday......that was fun and she will be TOO excited. She doesn't really play with toys much

6. It was so windy here in NC yesterday (and the day before for that matter) that we flew a kite and it was pretty darn fun if I do say so...

7. I am IMMENSLY excited about the game Sunday cause not only is it a home game, but we are playing Hot-lanta and I HATE me some FALCONS!!!!! (do NOT get offended......get over it) and we have a babsitter Saturday night and into Sunday so we are going to the game with our friends and tailgating which means food fun and BEER!!!


9. I'm gearing up.....literally......I'm purchasing the gear.......for our 8th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party and I'll do a whole post or three about the prep and party later

10. The Husband got me a bottle of wine (Century to my amazement) and I can't wait to go home and have some!!!



Monogrammed Teacher said...

Can I comment?? I just found your blog and I love it!!

morewineplease said...

enjoy your wine tonight!

Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Cute blog! Cute pictures! Try Yellow Box or LL Bean flip flops.

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