Monday, September 15, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Okay, so I'm going to pick up lunch for myself and a couple co-workers......normally I call it in and go pick it up somewhere close by and today it was McAlister's Deli. So I get there and I park in the back because there is always a close spot back there and I can get in and get out quickly through the side/back door. This door that I use is also situated kind of on the 'patio' area outside. So I'm walking up the sidewalk and I can hear the chitter chatter giggling as I come upon the patio. Picture this: me in my cute-as-shit denim capri's with the wide hem and black/white/grey/pink short sleeve argyle sweater and black alligator ballet flats, my chamilia bracelet that I love love love and my other 'regular' jewelry with my hair down and fixed (and I'm having a pretty decent hair day) and my giraffe print dooney & bourke bag (that was a gift.......don't even think I would spend that much on a BAG) I'm not looking like shit or anything and MAN did it take up a lot of space to convince you of that!......but anyway, so I'm walking up the sidewalk and there sits a gaggle of ladies (probably 8 or so) in their little tennis outfits eating salads and sipping lemonade tea...I round the corner and its like slow motion or something...they all STOP the chit chat and give me the stinkeye almost on cue in unison.....
I noticed, but I didn't think much of it and strolled in the restaurant picked up my order and strolled back out with a smile and a "thank you so much" to the nice guy that got the door for me.. and on my way out and back down the patio they all, and I mean ALL of them stop what they are doing and just STARE at the point that I wanted to either ask them if there was something on my face or to just simply say WTF is your problem LADIES......never seen an ACTUAL WORKING MOM on your little tennis court? SOME of us DO have to work......mind you my McAlister's is located in the uppity part of town...but DAMN. I don't usually notice crap like that but it was so blatent and they were such beyotch's that I couldn't help but notice and it's not like I was sporting my sweats or something, I thought my ensemble was pretty cuteish today......hurt my feelings......NOT......beyotches. What a bunch of stuck up hookers......
I vow to never act that way, even if I ever do actually win the lottery and have money and 'people' and stuff and further I vow to never wear tennis gear and look the part of the stuck up beyotch......reminded me of high school with the cliques and crap....I mean come on, did I seriously have something on my face???? I must have.......well then the stupid hookers should have said couldn't possibly have been ME


Anonymous said...

Hon do you need help hiding the bodies ???? HUGS ( stupid Beotches )

Mom to Mr. Q and Miss E + more.

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