Monday, September 22, 2008

Storing Your Valuables

The Storage Facility (read: daycare) that I keep the minis in (Little One all day and Big One after school) is the finest in town. It has the highest rating you can receive in North Carolina and it is a great place. I have come to know everyone there, they don't have much turnover and most importantly, I trust them. No matter how wonderful a facility it is, it is full of children, and where there are children, inevitably there are germs. My minis are so giving that they've shared one of these germs with Mommy. Said germ has penetrated my invisible Mommy Shield. You know, the one you are given when you have kids. The one that allows you to, no matter how shitteous you feel, take care of those little minis and power through your day. I'm feeling less than stellar today and what's worse is I get more rest here at work than I do at home so off to work I go to rest so perhaps when I go get the minis out of Storage this afternoon I can feed/diaper/bathe/do homework/cook supper/do laundry/read bedtime stories/wash bottles/make bottles/pack lunches/get clothes ready for tomorrow/etc with my normal bad attitude. I don't even have enough energy to have a bad attitude today. I did go to the Minute Clinic in the local CVS and get some drugs to help lessen the length of time that the creeping crud makes my life suck........

I know you are probably all "how could you put your minis in 'Storage" and "what kind of mother are you".......well, I'm the kind whose life does not REVOLVE around my minis, I'm the kind that loves them dearly, so much it hurts, but also loves to be and act like an adult and have a career that is fulfilling........and well, I like to shop and buy things and eating is pretty cool too, and we like our house and cars and paying our bills on time, so that's another reason I store the minis so I can work.........yes, I'm a working mom, get over it.

The weekend was a lot of Mommy fulfilling the wants and needs of the family and them whining and complaining about the service.........I'm changing my name and moving to Africa.........shhhhh don't tell them where I've gone.......


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