Monday, January 12, 2009

Old Fart

I know I'm not alone in this. In fact I'm sure I've seen other blogmommies that feel the same way. I don't know what that damn Twilight series (I'm almost done with Eclipse.....but have already gone to her website and ruined the next book for myself, but I'm still going to read listen to the last book, and it better be good cause I'm gonna be pissed if it's all draggy and teen angst-like Eclipse has been) has done to me....THAT was one hellava run on sentence no? I probably get on the nerves of the readers reader that follows all of the punctuation and grammar rules....sorry about that. I can either type what's on my mind in the short time span I have allotted or I can make sure all the grammar and punctuation are correct.....I simply don't care don't have time for both.


Okay, sorry I got distracted, big surprise there. Anyway I find it disturbing, almost like I'm doing something I'm not supposed to since this whole series was aimed at the teenage demographic, but I cannot get enough of Edward. I love Edward. I want to marry Edward. I might even consider having more children for Edward.....and we all know how I feel about THAT! I'm almost sad that I'm nearing the last book, the end of the story....the end of listening to Edward every day. I literally cannot wait to get in my car so I can listen to more. Eclipse was getting kind of draggy and during the 'indian legends around the fire' part I think my ears started bleeding from boredom. I wanted to fast forward through all that boringness and Jacob was starting to tap dance on my last nerve but I was afraid if I fast forwarded I would miss something, even one little sentence from Edward. UGHH! It's out of control. I can't wait to listen to book 4. Whoever cast Robert Pattinson as Edward deserves some sort of Academy Award, Golden Globe, Moon Man, People's Choice, Emmy, Oscar....cause he is PERFECT. I don't normally find myself lusting after imaginary characters and the actors that play them but Edward is's a sickness.

Please tell me book 4 is worth the wait, it's worth the read listen....cause I'm gonna be all mad and "I hate Twilight" if it's not....

I heart Edward (and Robert Pattinson)....does that make me a (shudder) "cougar"? Oh please say no.....I hate that term and I am so NOT a "cougar"......I mean I am almost 37.....old fart is more like it!


Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Oh No...another one bites the dust to the Edward Syndrome.

Is it bad that I like the fictional Edward more than the movie Edward...ducks.... to avoid Eclipse being thrown at my head!

I am halfway through Eclipse and dragging my feet because it got boring. I need to pick it back up. My hubby bought me the last book for XMAS and I really need to start reading it again.

Thanks for reading although I was sad to hear I never made you fart from laughing so hard, I will try harder :) LOL

The Mom said...

I haven't read the books either.

BLC :o said...

Omg, no cougar's in view! You are fine, and enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!! I heart Twilight (and Edward and Bella and Forks). Xoxo-BLC

Tenakim said...

me either- sorry- I'm thinking I need to get on the joke, but not there, yet!

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