Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm 100 today!

here we go......it's not that interesting to don't get too excited! 100 things about me!

1. I have one older brother, no sisters

2. My parents are still happi.... well, they are still married, let's just leave it at that.

3. I work for our family business that has been in business since 1883.

4. I went to 2 universities and have a degree from neither (I'm one semester short...slack ass)

5. I went to photography school and have the master photographer certification to prove it. PPA and PPNC

6. I have been with my husband for 13 years, married for almost 9

7. Little One was kind of an accident in case you ever wondered why my minis are so far apart....another story entirely

8. Between me (Feb), the Husband (Mar), Big One (Feb) and Little One (Mar), all of our birthdays are in February and March.

9. I sleep on the right side of the bed (if you are laying on it looking at the ceiling)

10. I cannot sleep with the tv on, I need quiet.

11. I have had surgery on my jaw

12. I have had two knee surgeries, one meniscal repair and one meniscal transplant

13. I think I've mentioned this before but my transplant is from a cadaver. I see dead people...I can never resist that but obviously that lovely donor had better knees than me. If you aren't an organ donor, you should be, I am.

14. Both minis are c-section babies, both emergency c-section babies. (that makes 5 surgeries if you are keeping up......they'll be a quiz later)

15. The only bone I've ever broken was my little toe and DAMN did that hurt

16. I've had stitches in my chin twice

17. My hair is obnoxiously long right now and is getting ready to be cut and colored Saturday (yippie!!)

18. My ears are pierced three times on one side and two times on the other (long story) but I only wear earrings in the first holes

19. I wash my hair every other day and wear my hair up every other day (you guessed that right?)

20. My natural hair color is dark brown and my eyes are olive green

21. I love to get pedicures but I never get them, I do it myself. I don't have time or money to get them anywhere else, so I'm pretty good at it!

22. I never get manicures. I never paint my nails, they are au naturale but they are naturally long and thick as concrete like fake ones (how appropriate that I would get good nails when I could care less about them)

23. I hate my car grocery getter gas hog school bus Toyota SUCKuoia

24. I wear Merle Norman makeup, I have since I was 15 and no matter what else I ever try, I always go right back. I love it. The Ultra powder foundation is da bomb. I don't wear liquid foundation ever, don't need it with that stuff. It's awesome. Love love love.

25. I love shoes, I have a shit ton of shoes. Entirely too many pairs but I wear either my brown suede or black suede Dansko clogs EVERY day to work. Why do I need all those shoes?

26. I dress my minis better than I dress myself

27. I am fearful that I will not have a job soon and the Husband is already on short time with this economy. It's making me bananas

28. I get allergy shots once a week

29. Accounting is my money making job but photography is my great love and passion (part time unfortunately)

30. I love football

31. I love my Chamilia bracelet, it's my favorite piece of jewelry, every bead has it's own special meaning to me and it's so damn cool I get compliments on it EVERY time I wear it which is all the time

32. My minis both have names that make doctors office appointment makers automatically assume they are boys and it makes me insane......they aren't THAT boyish really. I wouldn't have considered either a boy name to be truthful

33. Black and white photos are my favorite. Something about seeing a person's expression and REALLY seeing something of them instead of what color their shirt is or something. Nature shots are fine in color though.

34. I am a sheet snob. My sheets are more expensive than I care to admit.....Sferra..it's bad

35. My favorite candle scent is Archipeligo Botanicals Pineapple Ginger....it is yummy and makes my house smell fantastic

36. I'm weird about the cleanliness of bathrooms

37. I am allergic to seafood but I can't understand why you'd want to eat something that smells so bad anyway

38. My biggest meal of the day is lunch, sometimes I forget supper (for me, for me, I feed the minis.....relax)

39. My girls both have the same nose and mouth....I love those little mouths. They have the best lips, both of them

40. I love grape koolaid

41. I drink Dr. Pepper all the time. Diet Dr. Pepper mostly but I'll take regular if you don't have diet

42. I used to love to waterski but I can't now because of the transplant, if I mess that up it's total knee for me

43. I used to love to do a lot of things I can't now come to think of it, rock climbing etc.

44. I love cheez doodles

45. I love cupcakes. Love love cupcakes

46. I devour books......on my iPod

47. I hate American Idol

48. I love doublemint gum

49. My favorite food is Mexican

50. I like wine (a lot)

51. I smoke sometimes (don't judge me)

52. I have too many projects I want to start but they all cost money that I don't (and won't it looks like) have

53. I love love love my new kitty. She is almost as cool as my old kitty that passed away a few days after my Little One was born.

54. I cannot stand negativity bad attitudeness.....even though I seem to have a bad attitude a lot of the time

55. I like to plant flowers

56. I love Target

57. I don't like eggs or mushrooms

58. I got married outside at my parents lakehouse right beside the water

59. My first car was a Chevrolet Chevette

60. I used to ride a motorcycle, a Ninja

61. I used to dance/teach dance and I dearly loved it but it's what messed up my knees for life

62. I cannot...CANNOT rollerblade. My body just won't do it

63. I like to watch Lifetime movies

64. I couldn't ever get into the Harry Potter books and/or movies

65. I hate science fiction

66. I hate romance novels

67. But I LOVE the Twilight series....(almost done with the last book...the third book was kind of draggy outy and I was getting bored but it got better. The fourth book is good but I think the whole Jacob's book part was a little long-ish and drug on too, but I'm past that part and it's good again)

68. I feel bad that Big One has to choose party or Wii......I get the lesson learned and the choice making deal and all that but I feel bad she won't get a real party somewhere inside me.

69. My husband doesn't help me enough and he tap dances on my last nerve daily, but I still love him

70. I have always lived in North Carolina

71. I have always wanted to go to Hawaii....some day

72. back to my choices in literature......I love TRUE things....nonfiction if you will. I like memoirs and true crime and stuff like that.

73. I used to love Grey's Anatomy but it's boring me these days. I like Intervention, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two and a Half Men, the NFL Channel, Entourage, Big Love, Chelsea Lately, Private Practice, So You think you can dance, RH of wherever, Kathy Griffin my life on the d list, and the list goes on and on and on.......the kicker is I don't have time to watch most of them.....but I do make time for football, that is an addiction and I can't help it

74. I met Oprah and had lunch with Whoopie Goldberg when they lived in my town while filming the Color Purple (my BFF's mom worked at the hotel they were staying in and got to know them)

75. My office at home is filled with framed autographed jerseys and footballs and hats and photos.

76. My SUCKouia wears a personalized Carolina Panthers license plate with my favorite panther ever's jersey # and initials. It also wears a Panthers white "whiskers" decal and a Panthers hitch cover. Obsessed much?

77. There is a group of 4 girls including me that have all been best friends since we were THREE years old and we still all talk at least 3 or 4 times a week.......my BBFF is one of those girls and we talk email and text daily

78. I am tired

79. This is hard, I do not have 100 even remotely interesting things to share about myself

80. I love my house but I will NEVER build another house it was murder

81. I have been told time and time again that I am a good decorator, so I guess I'm okay at that, I just do what I like

82. I switch bedding a lot......I used to be that way about shower curtains and stuff when I lived in an apartment. I got bored with them easily. Now it's my bedding, I switch it a lot

83. I have an affinity for old cameras and they also are all over my office at home along with the cameras and equipment I actually use now

84. I used to make bows for little girls hair. I have so many damn bows at my house it's sick

85. I have my own tools and most of the time don't ask my husband to fix things for me, I fix them myself

86. I am NOT a damsel in distress, but I play one on TV

87. I have Panic Disorder but I have it all under control without the aid of pharmaceuticals..... I am amazing that way. I do pop a Xanax from time to time but who doesn't?

88. I am convinced each of my children took with them important parts of my brain when they were birthed. I seem to forget everything and it gets worse with each child.....good thing I fixed that

89. I shut down the factory and turned it into a playground!

90. I wear a lot of black, but not on purpose I don't think

91. I hate getting older

92. I'm not much into politics

93. I am intolerant of ignorance

94. I am almost done!!!

95. I am wondering if anyone actually made it this far

96. I am going to tell you my real name is Alison

97. Are you going to believe me?

98. This blogging thing is fun and I hope that more people will actually start commenting. I can see that people read, but not a lot of people comment and that sucks

99. My little girls are such beauties. I love them so much it hurts

100. Th th th th THAT's all Folks!!

Whew........that was hard..........

Happy 100th post to me!!


Tenakim said...

well ALISON-
first- I'm a loser, too- one semester away from BA in 2 universities also- so don't feel bad!

I LOVE girl's names that are more 'boyish'- you know what I mean!

Stop smoking and maybe we can be friends! That shit is bad for you!

Is your family business failing- it's been around so long... that would be a travesty!

I'm over Grey's Anatomy and can't wait for My Life on the D-List to start again!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Congrats on coming up with 100 Things, it is hard huh!

That would stink to get layed off from the family business.

I can't sleep with the TV on either.

Both my kids are c-sections too, gotta love the nice pooch I got!

Got to check out what a Chamilia Bracelet is. Never heard of that before.

I love to read true crime and non fiction as well but will also read smutty romance novels.

I am procrasting on finishing Eclipse because it is dragging but need to get it done so I can start Breaking Dawn.

Smoking is nasty and bad for you. shame shame :)Ick

Kelly said...

Congrats on making it to 100!! Sh...I smoke when I drink! I am loving RH of OC!!!

The Mom said...

You met Oprah and had lunch with Whoopie...COOL.

And I'm right there with ya on the panic disorder...Xanax is my homegirl..Lexapro used to be my b-yotch

Jennifer said...

Congrats on 100!

Lex said...

We have a lot in common!

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