Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'll have the biggest Dr. Pepper you have with a side of WOW!

True to form at the Said So house it was a zoo this morning. A zoo with an escaped monkey that subsides on Gerber's Puffs and a very angry and grumpy gorilla that does a lot of grunting and throwing itself on the floor. THIS morning the Zookeeper's helper (aka the Husband) may have lost his job. Instead of the normal routine of him waking the angry and grumpy gorilla while I get ready for work at Mach 8000 so as to be ready before the monkey awakens demanding bottles and puffs, he sleeps in....or rather pretends to sleep in while the flurry of activity goes on around him. Faker.

Seems the Zookeeper's helper has come down with a sinus infection and is nearly on his death bed. You know, quite similar to the one that I just had last week, remember? The one where I SUCKED IT UP and went to the Minute Clinic (best invention EVAH), got some antibiotics and powered through. Rinsing my sinuses (with Neil Med Sinus Rinse....second best invention EVAH...better than the Neti Pot, which was recommended but I have used before and the rinse is the same deal, just not as weird and awkward) twice a day and popping some ibuprofen. He is getting ready for work a few minutes ago after just having awakened after a grueling day of SLEEPING all mother plucking day long whining incessantly about how he feels as though he's been hit by an eighteen wheeler and then drug down the road a bit.......waaa, waaa, waaaa, I say. Shall I call for a WAAAAMMMBULANCE?? SUCK. IT. UP. Put on your big girl panties and DEAL WITH IT!

Anywho after that seriously fantastic morning at the casa, I decided that Mommy needed some Chick fil A in her life. I am in line at the drive thru running majorly late ( I don't care if that's not a word dammit...focus) because Big One's ride was late picking her up and Little One had a blow out just before we get in the car that required a full costume change and mini-bath and I loathe being late. I cannot stand to be late. I AM late all the time, but it bothers me immensely, especially when it isn't my fault. Especially when it is other people who don't care about being late that make me late. So I'm waiting my turn in the drive thru getting more aggravated by the second. I'm all "what are they ordering one of everything" "did they have to go out back and kill the chickens for those chicken minis?" "are you ordering a biscuit for everyone you know?" and the like. I'm spouting all of this aimlessly into the air, talking to Little One through the rear view mirror and she's all "Did I hear someone say Puffs?" paying me no attention. I'm nice and ill by the time it's my turn at the speaker but I am cordial and order my food and hope to quickly get back on my way, grumbling the whole time. I wait some more behind the folks that ordered one of everything and the one that ordered biscuits for everyone she knew and FINALLY it's my turn. The girl at the window asks me "What did you order again?" and I tell her nicely (even though my teeth were all gritted and mean in my head) and she looks at me and says "M'aam, the car in front of you just paid for your food and said to tell you to have a Nice Day".

Wow. Just Wow. I am speechless and Wow. This means I have to do this for someone too, return the gesture, you know, Pay it Forward so to speak. I'll do it and I'll do it tomorrow, if I remember and if I'm not running late and so aggravated I forget.

But really......isn't that just....Wow?!


Kelly said...


Aria said...

Acts of Random Kindness (aka ARKs) are the most wonderful thing in the world and can totally turn a day around! So glad you were a recipient! and FYI, It's totally cool to be the giver of ARKs too ~ makes your heart smile.

Lindsey said...

LOVE your blog!

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...


Could not have come on a better day! I love doing stuff like that for others.

I wish I lived closer to a Chick-Fil-A because I love love love it! We drive a few cities away just to get it.

Jennifer said...

W.O.W! Someone must have been saying a prayer for you right at that moment.

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