Tuesday, January 6, 2009

FaceCrack Chronicles Part 3? or 4?

okay, this is weird.....or maybe it's a hint?

So I'm chatting on FaceCrack with a girl that I was very good friends with in high school, always had so much fun with, one of those people that when you are with them you KNOW it's gonna be a good time guaranteed. She always walked to the beat of a different drummer, but that's one of the things I loved about her most. She was also one of those people that was constantly "I hate Hometown"....."HATE this place"....."can't wait to get the hell out of Hometown, I'll never come back if I ever get out". Well, she wasn't kidding. She actually went to college just about 20 miles down the road, but literally disappeared into thin air after graduation. Never called anyone, never came around, didn't keep in touch, nothing. She went out of her way to melt away and get out of Hometown forever. I think I saw her one time at a party after graduation and that's the last I had heard from her.....and dating myself, I graduated in 1990.....until about two weeks ago.

I get up one morning while on hiatus from work over the holidays (HA! it's more work to be at home!) and open my email and there is a notification from FaceCrack that "Emily NewLastName" added you as a friend. The photo on the profile gives no indication as to who Emily NewLastName is so I'm thinking, who the hell is this person, she must think I'm someone else. So I ignored it for a few days. Then one night I was drinking wine (wouldn't you know it....big surprise) and was on FaceCrack chatting with my BFF (why we weren't just on the phone who knows, but we were drinking and drunk typing...give me a break) and I decided to just say F-it.....I'll be-friend Emily NewLastName and let her know at least that she's got the wrong gal, I can always delete her later right? Well, you guessed it, Emily NewLastName is really Old Girlfriend. She purposely didn't put her maiden name on her profile so as not to be contacted by the entire graduating class and every single person she's ever met in her life (smart one that she is....I am not so smart!) So I had NO CLUE it was her and she never entered my mind.

Anyway, we have been catching up and chatting a lot on FaceCrack and even talked on the phone a few times. We arranged to meet up for lunch and drinks while I was on hiatus and could drop the minis off at Storage for the day. So I'm all excited can't wait to see my old friend, we make plans and all. Well, the night before we hadn't set a time or anything so I decided to first send her a message on FaceCrack.....so I did, no response. Then I sent her a text message......no response.......called and left a voicemail......no response........this was almost a week ago and I still haven't heard from her. She disappeared into thin air......again

Update on FaceCrack Chronicles Part 2, the one about the ex best friend.......haven't seen or heard from her in what will be 2 years in February. The Husband and I dropped the minis at Storage Friday and went out to breakfast and to do a few things together. He needed a haircut and had an appointment so I was just going to ride with him instead of going all the way home first. On the way his brother called and needed to borrow something that was at our house so the Husband decided to swing home real quick. I'm sitting in our driveway in the truck and something, I don't know what, but something told me not to go, something said, get out and go in the house and enjoy a moment of time alone. So at the last second I decided to stay home.....well guess who was sitting in the stylists chair when the Husband walked in to get his haircut? Yep, the exbestfriend.......AWKWARD.......can you just imagine if I had gone????? Oh dear lord that would not have been good. Oh MY!! And yes, he spoke to her and she asked all about me and the minis, he was careful to respect me and not give her too much information. I hope this doesn't give her license to try to contact me????


The Mom said...

Be honest with me, should I join?!? I get so much peer pressure, but with Twitter, blogging 2 blogs and um my life...will i have the time?!

because I said so said...

Jen, it's addictive, especially at first....just be prepared to spend ridiculous amounts of time on it for at least a few weeks....it does taper off and I don't ever respond to the requests for plants and snowball fights and "what 80's sitcom are you" and passing drinks, etc. I don't have THAT much free time......pffffttt!!!

desi said...

That's weird. Yeah, I can't believe how many of my friends are on Facebook totally now. I get more email THERE than through my real email account now. I've only been there a few weeks and I've already found, like, a HUNDRED people. It takes up some time but I try to keep it down to about 30 minutes a day.

The Mom - You are a very social, enjoyable person. I think Facebook might be a good idea for you, and you'd love it, even if it does make bedtime a little later than usual for a while.

Tenakim said...

I kept to myself a lot in high school (and still do to an extent), but I do lurk. It's interesting to see people how they look and what they're doing. Once in a blue moon I run into someone that I considered a friend that I chat with. I only use my married name so I'm certain many don't know who I am.

LuLu said...

I love that you call it FaceCrack...it is exactly that!! So dang addicting...I don't even mean to check it so much but its like my fingers just type the address without me telling them to:)

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