Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Fragments

I haven't done Friday Fragments in a while...not that any one's missed it but I'm feeling all fragmenty today so watch out and let the shit slingin' begin!

* I hardly ever get sick, I can't say why that is because it's not like I take super great care of myself and it's not like I don't drink and (gasp) smoke (sometimes.....not all the time...calm down). Nonetheless, I am now sick. I have a sinus infection that would kill a grown man (but wouldn't any form of illness kill a MAN?) and I'm pretty sure my sinus cavities are pushing maximum density. Fun times.

* Big One's BFF is having a birthday party at local skating rink tonight. BLECH! I can't skate anymore because I don't dare fuck up my last knee surgery. If I can't make that transplant last I'm looking at total knee replacement. BLECH BLECH! So looks like I'm stuck watching all the fun from the sidelines tonight with Little One. (hmmm....wonder if there is wine at the skating rink? or beer at the least!)

* Must be a full moon or something cause the Husband is Mr. Negativity. King of Negativeland. Prince Negatory. I'm over it. Why do men turn crazy when there is a full moon? Is it just mine or do you find that to be true as well? I hate Negative Husband. I despise him. Everyone is out to get him you see and doomsday is surely on the horizon.

* Little One is trying to walk. I'm not ready for that. Oh, don't get me wrong, I don't dread the 'growing up to fast' part, hell I can't wait to get my left hip back. I just haven't found the right kind of baby gate for our obnoxious staircase yet.

* Since we (and by we I mean me) were all on the topic of tv shows the other day I started wondering when one of my favorites was coming back on and then panicked thinking maybe it got cancelled! But it didn't....maybe you've seen it too? Rules of Engagement. Too funny....still no date of return just 'coming soon'

* Why is First Grade math confusing to me? I am a well educated, math minded individual. I am an accounting major for the love of all that's I ask you what the H.E.L.L. is a Take Away Story and why can't you just teach ADDITION and SUBTRACTION like it was meant to be? At this rate I won't be able to help her with her homework by second grade.

* My husband is a total and complete idiot (just thought I'd throw that one in there)

* I joined Twitter this week and I gotta's fun I guess, maybe it just takes time to work up to it. I feel like I'm in high school again trying to keep up with the cool kids.

* Do you ever get the feeling you're being watched? I do. All the time. We already know I'm a little off center but really.....I seriously do have a neighbor behind me that I always have this strange sensation is watching us/me. It's very disconcerting and creeps me out in a major way.

* I was looking at jeans for the Husband in my favorite shopping destination, you know, Target. If yours Target is like mine, back in the Mens Department they have a wall of 'witty' tshirts in the back. I was aimlessly wandering around looking at jeans and there were these two guys in the back at the wall 'o' shirts guffawing and reading out loud or really screaming out loud the witty shirt sayings to each other. I wanted to walk up and slap both of them as hard as I could and yell "snap out of it!"...don't they know those shirts are so like 2007? And half of them aren't even funny, they're just stupid.....or do I just have a bad attitude?
That's all I got today folks.....and I don't even have my normal witty tagline....sorry to disappoint but for more Friday Fragments, see the awesome Mrs. 444!!!


Mrs4444 said...

Sorry to hear you are sick. You MUST get a netipot!! My husband got 3-4 sinus infections per ear until he started using one. Search my blog for a demonstration!

Tenakim said...

went to a roller skating birthday party last week, then ice skating the next day! No booze at ours and only fell once (on the ice!)

My husband is like that EVERYDAY- is the moon ALWAYS full?

I was confused by Twitter for a long time- I'll help you out! I got the hang of it now!

Thanks for putting a picture on your profile, I was getting worried you didn't have a face!

tlm said...

I had to laugh at your Take Away Story frustration. I used to teach first grade, and I think in your county. I couldn't teach subtraction that way because I didn't understand it! I would confuse myself when I tried. We did it my way instead.

Jennifer said...

Have you checked for the baby gate? They have all kinds of od sizes and styles.

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