Friday, October 3, 2008

Fight About It Friday

Friday Fragments?

1. I'm a member of a Mom's group that branched out off of BBC because of all the "moderation" and craziness over there. Well, usually it's THE BEST group of women to be involved with and I have so much fun on that board. Today is Fight About it Friday over there.......the drama is flyin left and all stemmed from a post about Sarah Palin and WOW is it getting out of hand

2. Also on Fight About it Friday we need to discuss my argument with Big One over her Picture Day outfit for today.......geez......not that I ever actually purchase the lousy school pictures but seriously, when did she decide to care about her clothes. She's 6 years old and up until this year has pretty much just worn whatever I put out for her to wear. Not way......I can't take this for 12 more years

3. Next on Fight About it Friday we have the Husbands sudden desire to clean out my garage....not HIS garage, the one that seriously NEEDS cleaning, not that one. He wants to clean out MY garage.......while I'm at work........I'm thinking NO on that one

Enough fighting already

4. I'm in the middle of doing my fall planting and I've discovered a new nursery up the street from my office that has the most fabulous plants.....I am spending too much money there.....that will be another Fight About it Friday when I get home today with the back of the gas hog Sequoia filled with plants.........

5. I'm obsessed with makeup 'how to' videos on youtube. I've found this girl and her name is Sandy Gold and she does the best how to videos on eye makeup and stuff. I'm also obsessed with the hair how to videos.........I have long hair and am always looking for new ways to experiment.....not with cutting, just styling. It's a sickness.......not unlike the clothing obsession, only that gets costly and I don't have the money to support my shoe/handbag/clothing obsession......I do a lot of 'Nice'n' know Wow, that's nice and OHHHH that's nice and Ewww, that's nice

6. I stayed up too late drinking wine with my neighbor-friend last night and this morning I looked like I'd been pulled through a bush was bad and so is the afterburn today
7. It's Friday and I'm having a hard time concentrating at work could be Fight About it Friday between me and the boss if I don't get some work done.......

Let's hear about YOUR Friday Fragments! Thanks Mrs. 4444


Monogrammed Teacher said...

Check my blog, please!

Mrs4444 said...

Nicely done, my friend :)
I am off to check out those Youtube videos; I'm in the same boat with my daughter's hair; we need ideas! Thanks.

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