Tuesday, October 21, 2008

we've been spooked!

so I'm pulling out of my driveway this morning and I see something on my front steps. I don't have time to stop and see what it is because I'm running late (shocking, I know).....so I keep going thinking to myself, "self....what the hell is that purple thing on the front steps"...but just as quickly as these thoughts entered my brain, they were gone (another big shock). I figured the Husband would find it when he saw fit to get out of bed (sinus infection....still sleeping.....do I get to sleep in and do nothing just because I have a sinus infection.....NOOOO I go to WORK and keep living life as usual.....but WHATEVER)...sinus infection my ass......

but anyway so I kept on going, drop Little One at Storage and go on to work, quickly forgetting about the mysterious purple thing on the front steps.

I get home that afternoon (or evening really) in a rush because of the whole Girl Scouts thing (another thing I need to talk about later)....I get home at 5:20 and have to attempt to get both minis fed supper and get Big One's homework done before 5:45....that is 25 minutes.....25, count them 2 - 5....to get these minis ready to scoot back out the door in order to make it to the first Girl Scouts meeting on time. And as if trying to get them fed and homework done in 25 minutes isn't bad enough Little One had a BLOWOUT to beat all blowouts that almost required her being thrown in the shower and hosed down....I DID NOT have time for that in my tight tight schedule yesterday. Then Big One had P.E. at school yesterday so she looked like she'd been rolling around in a dirt pile and hadn't brushed her hair in a week and I cannot have my minis represent me looking like homeless children. So now BOTH minis require costume changes and the time is ticking away...The minis were very high maintenance yesterday and were completely stressing me out. I hate being late and the way things were stacking against me there was no way I wasn't going to be late. How could I be the 'late' mother, the one that can't seem to get her kids anywhere on time.....oh wait, that's me all the time.....but I still don't like it. It stressed me out big time. We made it......but we were 5 minutes late and I'll blame that on the train we had to wait for so it wasn't my mothering ability.....because I totally rocked getting all that shit packed into 25 minutes

and back to the story, WOW I can get distracted sometimes, but so I walk in the house at 5:20 and there is a purple metal bucket with a little Frankenstein painted on the front and it is filled with candy and a ceramic ghost with a candle inside (love me some candles) and the cutest little hand towel with a JackO Lantern embroidered on it and some paper. On the paper is this:
then you have to make 2 copies of the you've been spooked page and 2 copies of the instructions and spook 2 more people (without being seen). Then you hang your sign in your front window so people know you've already been spooked.....make sense?
oh how cute.......right?!!
how I love little neighborhood games and being involved but I have no time for spooking let alone making two cutesy baskets to put on two unsuspecting neighbors front steps undetected....and because I'm so anal retentive I have to make the baskets cuter than the one I got.....I'm funny that way and DAMMIT I don't have the time right now. Bad timing spooker....BAD TIMING....
but of course I will be the good neighbor and keep it rolling........damn spookers


Dorsey said...

OMG!! I'm so with you on needing to "one-up" the gifts you give out! I'd be stressed about it being the CUTEST one on the block and everyone just knowing it was from me b/c it was so original! HA! Although, few of my neighbors really know me, so I think I'd be safe. Cute idea though, but indeed...bad timing spooker!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE the homeless children comment. I feel the same way about Baby Girl if her hair doesn't look perfect with matching bows and the whole bit. I'm so glad Bud was a boy so that I don't have to do that with two!

Deanna said...

This is the cutest idea ever... if you didn't have to pass it on. Do you think we could pass our kids on? That is an idea I could handle.

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