Monday, October 20, 2008


happened to last week? I know it happened and I know I was least I think I was there

It was busy busy busy and I packed about 3 weeks of life into a few days. So the blog got little to no attention last week. Let me apologize profusely.....I can't say it will never happen again because, well, Because I Said So!!

Now I know I owe you a Pumpkin Party post and I'm getting to it, pinky swear. I missed Thousand Word Thursday and Friday Fragments last week and I vow to do better and pack it all in this week. Today is catch up day at work because I had to go out of town for my Grandmother's funeral and a couple other things came I better go before I get my ass in trouble but I'll be back with good stuff the rest of the week.

Damn Mondays.......I wish we could skip Monday.......Monday sucks.......all the way around Mondays suck! and dear Lord we start Girl Scouts tonight.......sheesh I'll let you know how that goes. Little One will not be pleased to have her routine upended...could be bad



Jennifer said...

Girl scouts??? Does that mean we get cookies?

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