Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

so last week I missed Friday Fragments....or was that the week before? Oh hell it might have been both weeks but I'm back today on this Friday that happens to also be Halloween and this week lets call it Fuck it Friday!

let's get this party started!

1. It is Halloween and being the lousy unprepared mother that I am I haven't quite finished preparing everything for Big One's costume....I know.....(getting ass in gear).......well yes, I guess the Husband could have helped me out but he's probably busy taking a nap

2. Just found out yesterday that the Husband has new work hours starting Monday.....3pm - 11pm........this means even LESS help than I already get. No Daddy at dinner, No Daddy at bedtime, No afternoon 4-wheeler rides, NO help with homework, NO help for Mommy (not much change there) and the kids get to spend exactly ZERO time with Daddy during the week.....if I'm going to be a single parent I should just make it official.....I'm just sayin

3. I have a bad attitude this week and the Husband is my whipping post......(no shit Sherlock)

4. Why is there no Spiced Pumpkin scent at Bath and Body this year? Those other pumpkin scents they have just don't compare and dammit why can't SOMETHING go right for me??

5. This Christmas is going to be very sparse for everyone but the minis. I'm sad, I love Christmas (usually)

6. Geezus H. Christ I'm ready to be done with this fucking election.......I voted early THANK GOD!~

7. Why is it that when we are outside in the garage waiting for Big One's ride in the morning she is laughing and playing around with me and as soon as the car pulls in the driveway she won't even look at me and tell me goodbye nevermind give me a kiss.......she's only 6 for God's sake.....does it really start this early?

8. Tena boo'd me so I'm going to BOO some bloggy friends too......look for my BOO in your comments.......

9. Today officially ends my pity party so look for happy sappy jovial fun posts next week....don't necessarily look for them here....but look for them nonetheless..........kidding.......I'll be better next, I will....pinky swear

10. Thank you for my book suggestions. I am making a download list now. In the meantime I was forced to download and listen to Nights in Rodanthe and now my ears are bleeding.....

This has not been the best week ever for sure but definately I've had worse. Suck.It.Up Mrs. Said So! I'm mostly ready for the weekend and almost ready for tonight. But I've got a couple bottles of good wine and a pack of cigs hidden in the freezer. I've got a fantastic halloween treat bowl full to the brim with candy for dressed up minis tonight. So to the rest of this day and the end of this week I say FUCK IT!

This is where I usually say "for more Friday Fragments please check out Mrs.4444" but today just go over there and give her a virtual hug........she's having a worse week than me and is suffering a loss that is unimaginable....


Tenakim said...

My husband works 3 weeks of 3-11 and 3 weeks of 7-3- I prefer the 3-11 cuz we can do our own thing without him getting in the way- good lucj getting used to it!

Sorry about your shitty week. Hope it gets better next week.

The Mom said...

OMG I say Geezus or Bejeezus H Christ all the time, my christian friends don't like it *blush*

Kelly said...

My husband leaves the house around 6 and rarely comes home before 7. Lots of times he's gone until after bedtimes for the munchkins. I often wonder what it would be like to wake up, shower and just LEAVE when you need to. Sometimes I feel like I am just running his bed and breakfast.

And I always tell him that I already know I could handle single parenthood, so he'd better be careful. Seems like the only change would be less laundry!

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