Monday, October 13, 2008

weekend reminiscing

she'd absolutely DIE of embarrassment if she knew I showed anyone........but this is what happens when you already have...shall we say.....PLUMP lips and the dentist over-numbs you....

she was such a trooper about the whole thing though. This was after it had gone down a whole bunch........when it was really really bad she wouldn't let me take a picture. Poor Big One, but it's all gone down and back to normal now.
Saturday was fun and games at the Pediatrician's office. Yes......I said pediatricians office on a Saturday. Both minis were scheduled for flu vaccinations and Little One was getting a Synegis vaccine too (RSV vaccine for preemies and high risk babies). We get there at our scheduled 10:00am appointment time. Nothing like taking two kids that just got over being sick into the Germ Capital of the State on a Saturday morning during the Flu Clinic, when not only are all the flu vaccine kids there, but so are the sickest of the sick......the ones so sick that their mommies make them go to the doctor on a Saturday because they are so sick they can't possibly wait until Monday to be seen. You should have seen me huddled in the corner of the well waiting area (which by the way was FILLED to the rim with coughing sniffling snotty kids...WELL my ass!) with my minis. I practically had Little One in solitary confinement with her Peg Perego zipped up and all around her like some kind of Boy in the Bubble sanitary germ tent....
Big One opted for the FluMist instead of the Flu Shot...and what 6 year old in their right mind wouldn't be lured by the 'mist' and the thought of no poke in the arm with a needle. She didn't know that what they meant my 'mist' was not actual MIST like what came out of Little One's, what THEY meant was 'mist' as in a skinny plastic syringe filled with watery medicine that they shoot up your nose, one syringe per nostril..........yeah. That was just a tad different than what she'd imagined....a little more like breathing in through your nose when you put your head under water than an actual 'mist' like it was so pleasantly described.....but in the end still better than a needle in the arm she decided. The worst part was we get there and they didn't get in the baby doses of the flu vaccine, so now I get to make ANOTHER trip to the pediatrician for Little One for that, but she did get to get her Synegis shot, which is very important, she has to get that one once a month through March. That was drama.....she screamed bloody murder like they cut her arm completely off for 10 solid minutes. I think I have a budding drama queen on my hands for real.
Okay, the rest of the weekend ROCKED. Big One went with one grandmother to a carnival and fireworks and spent the night with her. Little One went to the other grandmother's house to spend the night AND the Husband went 2 hours up into the mountains to go 4-wheeling....... which meant No Big One, No Little One, No Husband.......THE TRIFECTA!!!! It happened. I'm sure it will never happen again as long as we both shall live..........but it happened. I had the house and myself all to myself!!! I was me for almost 24 hours......not Mommy, not the Wife, not the maid or the cook or the nanny or the butler or the chauffeur or the landscaper........none of them. I was me! and me and my BFF went out and partied like it was 1999 Saturday night........and the next morning I woke up with a hangover that reminded me of my real age........Let's just say I'm nowhere close to being able to do that anymore without dire consequences. I felt like the ass end of a goat all damn day long
My Panthers looked like a high school football team yesterday, and not even a good high school football team, which was fine cause I didn't feel like watching anyway, I felt like laying in bed and nothing else. I did make a miraculous recovery when I looked at the clock and realized that I only had a few precious hours of mini-less, husbandless free time and made the most of it. All in all it was a night and day of well deserved time just being me for a minute.
SO........I have some interesting stuff this prep for Pumpkin Carving 2008, a FaceCrack story, actually two FaceCrack stories and a good Thousand Word Thursday and I'm sure there will be many random Friday Fragments this's looking like it's going to be an interesting week.
How was your weekend?


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