Wednesday, October 22, 2008

random facts about me

1. I have had two knee surgeries

2. One of those knee surgeries required a "donated" body part from a cadaver......I see dead people.........(sorry I couldn't resist)......but I seriously do have dead people parts in one of my knees....had to get on a donor list and the whole nine yards

3. I love sweet tea (of course I do, I'm southern right?).....but when I'm getting my own tea at say a fast food joint or restaurant I always do half and half. I fill it half way with unsweet and fill it the rest of the way with sweet...cause I'm weird like that

4. I cannot stand a dirty bathroom. I am so funny about showers and bathtubs especially. It was sheer torture even with flip flops on to be forced to shower in the hospital room shower when I was living in the hospital waiting for Little One (a month of hell)

5. I love to read but I don't have time so instead of downloading MUSIC onto my IPod, it is filled with books that I listen to in the car.....and it's now empty and AGAIN people...HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO BEG FOR BOOK SUGGESTIONS?????? hint hint

6. I cannot stand for my kids to be dirty or messy looking. Hair needs to be brushed and clothes unstained....I have been known to change them several times a day. I also cannot stand a nasty boogery nose on a peeve big time. WIPE YOUR KIDS NOSE ALREADY

7. I used to be a dancer (not THAT kind of dancer.....doesn't the Husband just wish) and I danced competitively for many years from age 3 on up through adulthood until I had done so much damage to my one knee that I finally had to have surgery (see #1 and #2) and now I can't do any of it or a lot of other things I like to do like....

8. Rock Climbing

9. I love football. I don't just kind of like football, I LOVE football. I am like a guy about's bad

10. I smoke sometimes..(I heard that GASP!)'s my only real vice and I usually only do it when I drink and am with friends. You can leave now if you are totally disgusted......I know it's such a faux pas these days

11. I have my ears pierced 2 times on one side and 3 times on the other (don't ask.....home piercing gone bad as a teenager) but I only wear earrings in the first holes

12. I probably wipe the counters and table in my kitchen down 5 times a night.......I can't deal with crumbs and shmegma on the counter

13. I like to bitch that the Husband doesn't do enough to help me, cause he doesn't, but in reality he can't do it right anyway......I mean even if he did try to do more I'd freak out and do it myself...especially anything having to do with the kids........

(I'm seeing a little OCD pattern in certain cleanliness areas of my random facts list........and while we're at it shouldn't I have just called this post Reasons Why Mrs. Said So Should Seek Professional Guidance....)


The Mom said...

My DQ is a dancer since 3 too! She dances all genres but competes in jazz and hip hop!

Love this post!

amusing moments said...

Do you like mysteries? Try Greg Iles' books.... most are really good.

Jennifer said...

I don't know what kind of books you like to read, but these are some of the authors I like: Janet Evanovich, Greg Isles, Elizabeth George, J.A. Jance, Lee Child, Harlen Coben

morewineplease said...

umm.... yeah, I know all about #10 myself!

Stephanie said...

Here are all the books I have read this year...
Some of my favorite are
Water for Elephants
The Kite Runner
The Secret Life of CeeCee Wilkes
Snowflower and the Secret Fan
The Memory Keepers Daughter
and my list just keeps growing!

Anonymous said...

great blog. just a comment on the word "schmegma" (personal pet peeve of mine, sorry).... which is actually spelt "smegma" .... i think that if you looked up the definition of this word, it is not a word any sane person would use to refer to crap on their countertops, especially seeing as you appear to be a rather clean person .... and genital secretions seem like the last thing that would be up there

because I said so said...

dear anonymous:

would you rather I said shit? we all know what that really means too.....

just kidding...sort of

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