Monday, April 13, 2009

That bitch.......

I recently read something that irked me to the bone.

I'm not sure why it struck a cord THIS time, it's not like I haven't read this or similar things a hundred times before and shrugged them off. I mean after all I admit (head hanging in shame) that I was a part of one of those Birthclub Bitchfest Boards on Babycenter, which seemed sort of harmless and helpful and a way to commiserate at first but quickly turned into something darker and more, shall we say bitchy.

Now, I'm not sure why this irked me, perhaps because "the truth hurts" as they say, or perhaps because "if you don't have a career or a mortgage, you don't understand". The comment was not directed at me or anyone I know (I don't think???), but for some reason reading it just put a fire in my belly (or was that the 5 wine spritzers and the extra dose of Nyquil?)

Anyway, I'll admit to being in a cold-medicine induced fog even today (no spritzers yet, pinky swear) so that could be it. Or maybe it's almost 'that time' of the month, although I don't think it is. Maybe I'm just being hypersensitive? Maybe, well, actually who cares anyway.

I've always let this kind of crap just roll off my back. I'm living for me and my family anyway, right?

Is that guilt I see creeping up your back? Why, perhaps it is.....

The sentence was as simple as this.......I don't know why people have children that they have no intention of taking care of.

And the thing is, it's dead on. She was DEAD on. I fully intended to send both minis to daycare from day one. And some days I feel guilty (today) and most days I don't.

Oh wait a minute.....I don't think she meant working Mom's vs. Stay at Home Mom's.....I think she meant something else.

My bad.


See how that riles something up inside? The 'controversy'......even the thought of the controversy.

I'm sure it will be recognized, so don't get mad at me you know who you are. I was having a 'guilty' working mom day and I read that and it made the Guilty Working Mommy inside me jump to the defense!

that bitch.....


kristi said...

Why are people so judgmental?? My life, my choice!

because I said so said...

and by that bitch I meant my inner Guilty Working Mommy!

she gets on my nerves some days!

The Mom Jen said...

OMG that is so not right...and hardly the case in so many working mother's situations. You can't comment like that, HUG, I'm so sorry! I know why that would hurt though!

morewineplease said...

i think we all battle with ourselves this way, at least I sure do!

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