Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I always knew I'd be royalty

and Swoozie made my dreams come true! Isn't this award very Sparkerly (as Big One used to say)?! I loves it!
I am VERY extremely late passing this on and thanking ((((HUGS)))) her. I suck like that, get used to it.
Rules......well since I'm the Queen of all that is Awesummmmmm I hereby rule that rules are to be changed! Watch out ya'll, someone has given her powers and she's not afraid to throw them around.....Here are the real rules:

*List 7 Things That Make You Awe-Summm!

*Pass It On To 7 Bloggers Who Are Awe-Summm!

*Be Sure To Tag Your Awe-Summm Bloggers To Let Them Know!

*Then Link Back To The Queen That Tagged You!

and here are MY rules:

I get to be the Queen of Awesomeness today and tomorrow I will let someone else take over (maybe.....depends on how big my power trip is tomorrow). I don't like to 'toot my own horn' so to speak so I'll just let you believe that EVERYTHING about me is AWE-SUMMMM and that's how I got to be the Queen (pfffftttt.....)


morewineplease said...

I love the bling on that award!! You go girl~

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