Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Friday Fragments - the Wednesday Edition

I won't be around on Friday and Thursday I have a cutie patootie photo of Little One for ATWT so today is Friday Fragments the Wednesday Edition....

*the kitten/cat (she's in that awkward adolescent stage) has a death wish and is using up her nine lives in record time. She has jumped from the upstairs landing onto the hardwoods 13 feet below (we thought she broke her leg but thankfully $350 worth of Emergency-Vet-Hospital-on-a-Sunday later it was just a sprained knee). She has decided to take a nap under the recliner that was open with the Husband napping above her (until the doorbell rang and he closed the recliner real fast as it jolted him awake thus closing the kitten aka The Dumb Blonde inside) and so once he gets her out she is heaving and panting and limping and crying and another $350 Emergency Vet Hospital bill later it turns out she got the wind knocked out of her.....("I'll knock the wind out of her furry little ass" he says......"didn't we just pay for that" I say). Then she was playing with a couple of those cat toys that look almost like a fishing pole or something...a long wand with a feather thing dangling from a string and again the Husband was asleep in the recliner (anyone see a pattern forming?) and he hears a gasping "meow" from behind the sofa...lo and behold it's Bella choking with two of those toys wrapped around her neck....thank God he was home (and yes, we took them away. The wand toys have been excommunicated only to be played with under adult supervision). Last night she decided it might be fun to chew on the lamp cord and I don't think I need to tell you how that turned out......

yes, she's still alive but my wallet has yet another hole burned into it

*Today was Tacky Day at school so Big One wore her hair in two crazy bows that don't match, two different earrings, a boot and a tennis shoe, a pink and yellow striped knee sock and a lavender bobby sock, jeans rolled up on one side, a loud flowered shirt with a navy and white and pink argyle sweater on top, with some crazy jewelry. She was tacked out to the max. So we are waiting in the garage for her ride to pick her up this morning and she is all excited about how crazy tacky she is when the car pulls up. She rides to school with two neighbor girls that are 1 and 3 years older than her and let me tell you those two are TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL and would never participate in such petty games. Big One suddenly became embarrassed and ashamed of her participation and they hadn't even said anything to her.....but she wants to be cool like them and when they weren't dressed up too she was mortified. I quickly came to her rescue as I saw the look in her eyes and said "Why aren't you diva's dressed for tacky day? Big One and I had THE BEST time doing this....doesn't she look so cool....I wish I could go to work like that!!" and they were all "Mom we have to go back home and fix this"......Big One perked right up so I hope I helped and wasn't the dreaded Mommy Intruder....

* Little One has 5 teeth coming in all at the same time on top. Nightmare on my street!

* I made Pioneer Woman's Barbecue Meatballs last night w/ the Mashed Potatoes (except I used red skinned (skin on) and only made 2 lbs. instead of 5lbs.) but there was not ONE BITE of the entire dinner left. They LOVED IT!! SO SO GOOD!!

* What is wrong here? Channeling a little Silence of the Lambs? I love you Robert, I do, but WOW.....again

Dear Robert,

Edward would NEVER!!

please stop.


* Who is really surprised that the Count has been getting some action on the side? I mean who besides L0000000Annnnnn the Countess....seriously

*No one wanted to enter to win the PopNots so the Mom Jen gets TWO cans. Too bad for you! (the rest of you I mean)

* WHY do people just lose all ability to drive when there is even a drop of rain on the road? Instant Idiots.....just add water

* I had Moe's for lunch today (junior Art Vandalay w/black beans and queso on the side) and I go to get my drink (the usual half sweet/half unsweet tea) and the guy behind me is all "why would you do that?" and I'm all "why do you care?".....kind of pissed me off but am I the only one that does that? Really?

* I'm doing my deceased Grandmother's taxes today (if you don't know the's here). She owes state and federal for the first time in ten years and guess who gets to pay not me.....but my Dad. To my eldest son and caretaker of the past 10 years I leave.....MY DEBT!!! To my youngest most favoritist fair haired son I leave everything else.....

* I'm gonna tell you all once again how much I love my cell's the best one I have ever had and beats the keys off the Crapberry's I've had in the past! The LG Lotus (here)

* consignment rocks the house ya'll....for real. I just picked up a check for $361.00 for my stuff and how excited am I?
Okay...that's all I got today but for more Friday Fragments see Mrs. 4444.....but wait till Friday cause there more than likely won't be any more to see today!


Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Okay, I am looking for a new phone and have Sprint.

What do you LOVE about the Lotus? How do you like the internet or do you have that?

What sites do you get on from your phone?

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