Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Seek and ye shall find....

Every year we make Big One work for her Easter basket. Not as in manual labor work but we do a scavenger hunt.....well not us of course the "EASTER BUNNY" leaves the clues. I thought that I would share this years clue set with you guys. It is the most fun. She never wants the hunt to end. It's the best part of Easter for her (I know, I know....go to Church).....but it is. She doesn't even care what's in the basket at the end (well, maybe just a little bit)

I print the clues in Microsoft word using a two column table. One column has an Easter Clip Art inserted and the other column has a clue. I cut them up and put each clue inside a plastic Easter Egg and hide it (with one exception this year..you'll see). Not 'in plain sight' hide it, it is HIDDEN. I mean when she comes downstairs there are no eggs in plain sight.

First there is a BIG plastic egg (about 10 inches long or so) with the first clue inside sitting on her bedside table when she wakes up and here's how it goes:

1. (Bedside table clue) - Happy Easter XXXson! (edited out Big One's name) Get up, let's have fun!
I've pulled my yearly stunt so come on and let's hunt!!
I am silly it's true and HERE'S your first clue:

Your little sister is so super cute.
Your clue is with her, near where she 'toots'

(this clue is taped to the outside of little sister's diaper - the only one not hidden in an egg)

2. (Diaper clue) - You found the big clue on Xxxxe's (edited out Little One's name) down under.
Go look in the den near your Elf buddy "Thunder"

(we enlisted Santa's little 'Elf on the Shelf' for a little mid year spying and clue hiding...will be bringing him out for an Easter appearance Sunday)

3. (Thunder the Elf clue) - You found this one quick! You are nobody's fool.
You better look next where your Daddy plays pool!

(outside above the offset garage there is a mancave utopia, that's where the pool table is)

4. (Pool room clue) - WOW! You flew up those stairs just like you had wings!
I bet your next clue is out by the swings

5. (swingset clue) - Don't worry, your next clue is not far.
You just need to look in your Mommy's big car.

6. (Toyota Suck-ouia clue) - You sniffed this right out, just like a fox.
I bet your next clue is near the mailbox...

7. (mailbox clue) - So that my clues don't get you stuck,
You better go look in your Daddy's big truck!

8. (F150 clue) - If you eat too much candy you will surely get ill.
But to find your next clue go and look near the grill.

9. (Grill clue) - Hope this treasure hunt fills you with glee.
I bet your next clue is near your fun Wii

10. (Wii clue) - Sometimes when you search you must stand on your head.
Maybe go check under Mom and Dad's bed.

11. (Bed clue) - The Easter Eggs are near now, on this I would bet.
The next clue is hiding where it's bound to get wet!

12. (Shower clue) - Roses are Red, Violets are Blue
Go Look in the place where you keep your shoes.

13. (Shoe bench in foyer) - You almost found all of them, boy you are FAST!
Just one more clue that you have to get past.

You're almost to the final treat!
Your next clue is where you brush your teeth!

14. (Upstairs kid's bathroom) - Well looky at you! This is your last clue!
No need to cry, go look where the clothes dry.....

Easter basket in the dryer......

Last year she was still learning to read so we helped her more than we'll have to this year. Year before we used a lot more pictures. She loves loves loves this. The basket was in the outside refrigerator in the garage last year, year before it was inside her playhouse outside, year before it was in the front seat of the neighbors car (yes they knew....) and so on.....

Be creative, use my clues, make up your own, start a tradition. It's TOO much fun!

I'll post photos of the hunt....pinky swear

This hereby qualifies as my Easter post......

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