Tuesday, April 21, 2009

toothy tale

"I am seven years old and all my friends have lost at least 5 teeth and Abby has lost EIGHT and I haven't lost any. What's wrong with me Mommy?" "My teeth aren't right."

"No Big One there is nothing wrong with your teeth, in fact, the dentist says that the longer it takes you to lose them the better your adult teeth will be"

"He didn't say that, whatever"

"He did too, you want me to call him and let you talk to him?"

"Well, it's not fair. Why can't I just be normal"

"You are better than normal Big One"


"MOMMY!!! I have a loose tooth!!! It's wiggly, come feel it!!"

(um, yeah, it's notsomuch loose as it is still exactly where it's always been.....but)
"Oh sure Big One, it might be getting slightly loose." "VERY slightly"

"But that's something! It's loose!!! I have a loose tooth, I have a loose tooth" (doing the 'loose tooth dance')

2 months later.....

"Look Mommy, my loose tooth is getting MORE wiggly!" "You can SEE it wiggle now!"

(if you force it, REALLY really force it, it wiggles a little.....but who am I to crush the dream)

2 weeks later......

"feel it Mommy, feel my tooth, it's very very wiggly now! I think it's ready to come out"

(okay, now we are getting somewhere....at least when I feel it now I can tell it is actually a loose tooth. Not near ready to come out so to speak, but wiggly nonetheless)

2 days later after near constant pushing, wiggling, playing with.....

"try to pull it out please"

"it's not ready Big One"

"just try"

"it is not ready honey"


"FINE, come here" "Yep, not ready...just like I said"

"You just aren't doing it right, I'm going to Daddy"


(Daddy) "It's not ready yet Big One"

(Big One storms upstairs to wiggle some more)
the next day......

"can you try to pull my tooth today? Please?"

"fine, I'll try........nope, not yet"


"be patient, it will come out lovey when it's time"

(storming back upstairs)

(Daddy gets home)

"DADDDYYYYYY......Please please please take my tooth out today"

"Okay Big One, you want it out......I WILL get it out. You might not like it, but it will be out"

"Okay Daddy, I'll do anything. I just want to have a missing tooth like everyone else"

(scary thought)

15 minutes and much pushing and pulling later.................

You would have thought Santa just brought that 4wheeler again. I don't think she's ever been that excited IN.HER.LIFE.


I forgot where I stashed that adorable tooth pillow.........I also don't know where I put my 'fairy dust'.......Oh and I don't have any cash......DAMMITALLTOHELL.....suck it Tooth Fairy

Don't worry, she came through.....the Husband had a 5 spot in his wallet thank goodness.....

How much do your kids get from the Tooth Fairy? I only got like a quarter or two......

I have one losing her teeth and one getting her teeth.

Fun times


vanna said...

my aries has lost 4 teeth and i hate it, he looks weird. he got $2 for 1st tooth and then $5 from there...it is kinda pricey this tooth business!!

kmoye said...

first of all what a beautiful girl ya'll have!

I got a dollar a tooth. And i too wiggled teeth in hopes of getting a new "window" in my grill.

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

She is complete opposite of my daughter. My daughter would not pull out her tooth for the life of her. It literally had to fall out of her mouth. It would be just dangling and gross and she would just let it be.

I pay usually whatever I have laying around. From $1 on up!

Val said...

Oh, so not looking forward to that.

As far as the tooth fairy....I use to get a dollar.
However, I had heard people giving iPods....like....what the crap is that!

Luckily, she looks darn cute with that missing tooth :)

Lipstick said...

This is hilarious!!! I think it's funny that she made out with a whole five bucks b/c you didn't have any cash!!! That will totally happen at my house!

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