Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Let's talk about things that get on my when people type 'alot' instead of 'a lot''s two words....TWO words. I know I'm not grammatically correct most of the time and I'm definately punctuationally challenged.....but for some reason that 'a lot' thing really gets on my nerves.

Another thing that gets on my nerves is procrastination. I cannot stand procrastination. My brother is the King of Procrastination Island......really today he's more like King Shit of Turd Island (irritating the crap out of me)......but dammit he procrastinates. If it wasn't for the 'last minute' or for him more like the last second....nothing would EVER get done. Some days working with him almost does me in.....

One more thing is how when I am sick I seem to suck it up and keep moving....keep going....keep doing everything I normally do and then some. When the Husband gets sick, the world STOPS spinning and he's quickly on his deathbed, positive that the hysteria of the 100 degree fever is just short of sending him to the emergency room. Seriously?!

And another thing....I really hate when people don't return phone calls. Especially when they pertain to my very important Christmas plans and gifts. Very annoying....could possibly send me over the, I'm not already there thank you very much

Being late is another big one for me. I am late a lot.....since I had children and a husband fuck up my perfect little never-late-almost-always-prepared existence. What happened to me? It's maddening.

Oh a big one is calling my house or my cell when the game is on. If you know me or my husband, you know not to call during the game....period. No excuses unless there is blood and/or death involved. Whatever it is can wait 3 more hours I'm sure.

I hate to come home to a sink full of dishes too.....boy that gets on my nerves. No one does dishes in the house but me so it's my own fault if I come home to such a display....wonder if I could train that damn Elf to whip the house into shape while I'm at work?

I'm aimlessly bitching and moaning today because I'm having a CRAPTASTIC day and I want to inflict my mood on as many helpless souls as in?

Oh, one more thing....WHY did I have to read Stephenie Meyer's website? Why did I HAVE to go and read the excerpts on the last two books? I'm almost done with the second book and I'm so engrossed in this story (who isn't) that I wanted to visit the website....BIG mistake. I do not have the type of self control it takes NOT to read about the next two books. DAMMIT. I hope I haven't ruined it, even though I know what happens now. I know how Bella ends up. I'm still going to read them (where read equals listen to them on my iPod)

such a stupid craptastic day......stupid website.......stupid brother......stupid me


kel said...

ok, I do the "alot" thing... a lot. I just forget! Oh and I snuck at the twilight books too so don't feel too bad!!

Mom to Mr. Q and Miss E + 7 said...

LOL me too, alot, but I still know it is a lot. Just like I type jsut to fast hehehe.

Wasn't that a nice post to drive you crazier. HUGS

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Okay, I really like your blog ALOT, sorry just had too. :)

Men are big babies when they get sick!

I am still on the middle of the Eclipse book, it is kinda dragging but I heard the last book is good.

The Mom said...

Man, sorry about your day, and forgive me if I put a and lot together, because i never spell or grammar check. Hope your day/week gets better!

Jennifer said...

Men suck. Brothers suck. Kids that make us late suck. Bad spellers suck. Dirty dishes suck. Always being the one to do the dishes sucks.

I guess I'm just letting you know that I feel your pain.

desi said...

"definately" is definitely my pet peeve.

Melissa B. said...

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