Friday, December 5, 2008

Said So's Favorite Things this Christmas

kind of like Oprah's Favorite Things.......but I'm not giving you anything...bummer....

1. Digital Ornaments like this one from Brookstone:

They are so neat and GREAT Grandparent gifts......they love getting that ornament already filled with a fantastic slide show of photos of the grandkids!! AND if you lazy readers would name my kitten.....ONE OF YOU IS GOING TO WIN YOUR VERY OWN DIGITAL SNOWFLAKE ORNAMENT!!

2. This Wine.....always a favorite at Christmastime, comes out every year the third week in November and isn't always about the wine?

3. Of course the Elf on the mother freakin's so gay I know, but we really do love our Elf (and we love the gays's just an expression.....calm down)

4. These very cool picture frames.....Big One delights in writing new messages to her Grandma every time she goes over on this frame. It's wonderful.

5. My new LG Lotus phone......I have the black one but it comes in a very chic purple as well and I LOVE IT. Full keyboard inside the flip phone.......replaced my Crackberry (which royally sucked)

6. I've said it once or a thousand times and I'll say it again and again......I love the Gap Favorite Tee......I buy TALL because they do shrink up a bit after washing and I like them longer than what they are after washing. LOVE THEM.......long sleeve in winter......short sleeve in summer... A W E S O M E.......that's the last time I try to convince you....until my next Favorite Things post

7. Down East Basics tank tops. Long perfect fit. Great for layering under anything. Love. Them. (okay I had to come back and edit looks kind of awful on the headless armless 'woman' shown below......whose nibbies are nubbin by the way...)

8. The Bebe Sounds Nasal Aspirator.......not for me silly....but if you have a's golden..a must for sure. And it's on sale at Babies R Us right now!! (the 'snot sucker' as we call it in the Said So house)

9. This is heavenly. Love it love it love it love it. It is THAT GOOD.

10. These cutie patootie bottle/sippycup name labels from Inchbug that are PERFECT if your minis are in Storage (read: daycare) like mine and you have to label bottles every day and come in sets of 4 ....(and looking closely at the ones in the photo below....who the heck names their little girl Betty Lou?????.......don't get testy now, my Mom's name is Betty......not Betty Lou and she's not a kid drinking from a bottle or sippy cup either in a room full of Olivia's, Madison's, Hannah's, Emma's and Abby's with a name like Betty Lou.....I'm just sayin)

I'll be back later (and by later I mean Monday) with some more!! Happy weekend to all.....remember KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE PRIZE!!!!


Tenakim said...

I have none of these! I thought for sure I would have everything since we were clearly separated at birth!

The Mom said...

Great idea for a post, I might borrow it, but i'll link back if I do! ;)

Cameron said...

Ok, Kitten names.

Snowflake, Whisper, Snickerdoodle, Muffin, Ghost, Princess, Tiara, Giggles, Jellybean, Scatty, Annabell, Crystal, Cherry, any of those sound good?


Cameron said...

Is the Kitty a Christmas present?

vanna said...

I gave you a name...Cleo, i'm not giving you any more cos that one is perfect, now send mew the damn ornament and lets get on with it!!
I love my snot sucker, it is awesome!

Kelly said...

I also have the name labels for daycare and they are great! I love the fact that I am too lazy to take them off and they can go through the dishwaher and come out perfect!

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