Monday, December 29, 2008

Dear Readers Reader

Oh for pete's sake....where do I begin? It's been a while. I am on my knees groveling for forgiveness at my lack of posting.......wait, who am I kidding....I only have like 5 readers anyway and you've all been busy holiday-ing right? and if you've been playing on the computer instead of spending quality time with your families during this blessed season.....then shame on you....shame shame shame.........(see how I turned that around?)

Anyway, Christmas has come and gone....whew.....what a whirlwind. I'm glad it's over. I kind of had that 'What now?' feeling the day after Christmas this year. I was so trying to enjoy the day and forget about the 'grown up' reality of life in this craptastic economy but that anxiety kept trying to creep back up my throat all day and especially the day after.....what's like Christmas was protecting me from what lies ahead. What happens now? The 'holidays' are over and it won't feel so wrong to lay people off and eliminate more jobs and ruin more lives......I'm so nervous about this economy it's eating me up. I just want everything to go back to normal. And by normal I mean both the Husband and I having stable jobs (we both thankfully are still employed for the moment but his hours are cut back drastically), money not being such an issue, Dad being cancer-free, Little One sleeping through the night, School back in, House clean and orderly, having my cleaning lady back (that will never happen, but since I'm dreaming.....)

We did have a very spoiled very good Christmas. Santa brought me a kitten, specifically a Blue Mitted Ragdoll, as you all know and her name is (cue drumroll)..............Bella..............well, technically her registered name is Sasha BlueBelle xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx (I can't give away my real identity Batman.....) and for short we call her Bella. And NO not after Bella Swan in the Twilight series......Big One is only 6 and hasn't read the books (that I know of.....hmmmm.....kidding.....) and she named her.....At first it was going to be Sasha Blue IsaBelle or Sasha BlueEyes IsaBelle but I didn't like BlueEyes and made Big One re-think the name. Took us a couple weeks to you like it? I'll post her photo tomorrow...pinky swear........and maybe some Christmas photos too.....

Big One got a 4wheeler and loads of Webkinz and Pixo's and are supplies and books and Disney Mix Stix..........Little One got a walker (her version of the 4 wheeler) and lots of clothes and loads and loads and loads and more loads of baby toys and CRAP......CRAP EVERYWHERE. There is not a square inch of my house not covered in CRAP now. It's about to give me a nervous breakdown. For real.

The Husband bought me the hottest pair of Jessica Simpson.....yes that's right, Jessica that I saw like 2 months ago and mentioned that I liked in a store......can you believe he remembered? But they don't fit dammitalltohell.....damn my small baby small, it's funny. So I'm hoping they'll have a 6....cross your fingers for me

I have nothing witty to say today..sorry. I'll be back when work isn't so rushy tomorrow with a better post......and photos!!



Tenakim said...

I soooo get you! I feel exactly the same about being "insulated" from bad shit by Christmas- WHAT NOW? I also have freakishly small feet- down to a 5 and half!!!

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