Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fragments

Oh Mah glad it's finally Friday!!! Okay, here we go, it's Friday and I haven't done Friday Fragments in a while so lets go with Finally Friday today!

1. Well, Thursday was Dad's surgery and it went as well as could be, they got all the cancer and he may not have to do radiation. He's still in ICU but it doing very I can definitely say I'm glad it's finally Friday and that is over with.

2. Little One is on day 4 of a 5 day antibiotic so I'm glad it's finally Friday and we can look forward to an end (fingers crossed) of this whole RSV-not RSV bronchiolitis bronchitis pneumonia debacle.

3. It's finally Friday, which is good on the one hand because that means it's the weekend and football will be on again, but I can no longer look forward to sleeping in EVER since my Little One does not sleep past 5:30am EVER. DAMMIT!

4. Since it's finally Friday I can look forward to only one more week before one of my BFF's comes to stay with me for 4 days with her adorable little daughter just before Christmas. I'm so excited I can't stand it, it's been over a year since I've seen her!!

5. It's finally Friday so I can leave this depressing office where it's all economy doom and gloom and maybe not think about the fact that I may not have a job soon......even if it's only for a couple days. I'd like to not worry about Dad, the job, the economy, Little One, etc......just for a couple that too much to ask?

6. I'm listening to Twilight on the iPod and since it's finally Friday I can listen uninterrupted while I clean house tomorrow!! I've already got book two downloaded and ready when I finish this one! Nothing like killing two birds with one stone.....I love books and I love a clean house with the bonus of someone reading the story to me, just like a little awesome is that?? Love it love it love it.

7. It's finally Friday and I have officially delivered my last card order for this Christmas Season. Thank applause necessary

8. One more week until our new little kitten comes home with us!!!! The countdown is on with Big One!

9. It's finally Friday and Big One is having a sleepover with her BFF so I don't have to come up with Elf mischief tonight or a new hiding place......thank goodness. I have raced in to move him when I hear her alarm go off some mornings because I forget at night.....too tired!

10. Fridays are good. Fridays are really good.......NO WINE this weekend though....pinky swear. OHHHHH......I didn't tell you guys about that.....I will.....good story
11. I reconnected with an old friend by accidentally drunk dialing her during my wine stupor last Friday night.......holy's a great story...can't believe I forgot to tell you. I need to do a new FaceCrack Chronicles head is full of posts that I don't remember until.....stupid me

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Tenakim said...

great to hear about your dad! Hope you have a weekend without worry!

Jennifer said...

Whew! About your dad. I'm so glad.

kel said...

I'm glad your dad is ok! And welcome to the twilight world! I love audiobooks!

Cameron said...

so glad that your dad is ok! Hope he makes a quick recovery!

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