Tuesday, December 2, 2008

and you thought you were too old for homework.....

so who has the Elf on the Shelf? We have had the Elf for a few years. He was named Thunder by Big One who was then 4 years old.....now at almost 7 years old she thinks Thunder needs a new name.....and I don't think she's wrong, it's just that we can't just go around re-naming everything. For instance now at almost 7 she suggested we name our new kitten Blueberry, because it has blue eyes or Silvermist because of the grayish ears.......I'm thinking notsomuch.....because we all know in a couple years she's gonna agree with me that those are not the best names. Just like she wanted to name the baby Butterscotch......and now she's with me on how that was not a good idea. Seven year olds (almost 7) are not always the best name givers for living creatures or Elves that visit every year for the rest of 'ever'.....

Anyway, our elf needs some pizazz, some new tricks, some new hiding places.....I feel like I'm out of ideas. Dude has seriously hidden EVERYWHERE I or the Husband can think of in our entire house. He is running out of new tricks as well. This year his arrival brought the 'diary' that he brings every year to document his daily whereabouts and shenanigans and he also brought an ornament-frame craft for Big One to make and give away (giving is as good as receiving is the lesson) and a letter for Big One and Little One from Santa.....(I made sure Santa pointed out that Little One needs to work on her sleeping at night skills...Big One thought that was hilarious). So tonight he will be getting into the cookies and leaving cookie crumbs beside him on whatever surface he's hiding in or on tonight. He only leaves a gift or activity or something once a week. I already bought a movie for next weeks thing.....but I need ideas ladies.....who does this Elf thing...surely I'm not alone here...tell me tell me. Work with me. Mommy is runnin on fumes and needing ideas..

So let's review your homework assignments (one of which is already due......however my dear readers reader is not cooperating):

1. Help name the cutie pie kitten we are getting
2. Elf ideas for shenanigans and hiding places

Get on that people and get back to me.......STAT!


LuLu said...

What about "Cutie Pie"...Not practical I know...just saw that in your description. Um...not good with cats, but I am going to think of some for you.

Now for the Elf...not a mom, but I have heard of this Elf on the Shelf deal. He should bring a gingerbread house kit:) That would be fun. Or a Christmas puzzle...that would take up time for sure! I'll keep thinking...the teacher is coming out in me:)

Shan said...

Oooh, that is a super cute idea! I might have to enact that one here soon. I say this mischevious elf ties all their shoes together! Or at least the ones that are left out, and not crazy knots, but bows perhaps, lol.

Tenakim said...

never heard of that- very cute idea!

Blanca- white in Spanish
Bailey- (Baiele or something close) means white in Russian

The cat is white, right- if not ignore everything I say!

vanna said...

cat's name...Cleo...why ???because everybody needs a kitty named Cleo...short for Cleopatra!

love love love this elf thing, never heard of it, tell me how it works and can this elf bring Pear-tini's for mommies???

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