Monday, March 16, 2009

My favorite snack.....want some?

Giveaway alert!

Not a huge one, don't get too excited but a good one!

Who loves popcorn? I know I do, especially when it comes from the movie theater all fresh and drizzled all over with that fantabulous butter and no I'm not sending you to the movies (but that would be good too) and I'm not sending you popcorn from the movies (that would be some kind of messy wouldn't it? Movie theater popcorn just happens to be the best, I'm just sayin....

Well you know when you pop popcorn at home and you get to the bottom and there are those crunchy little half popped pieces of heaven waiting for you? I know Big One and I fight over those pieces and I always try to take the popcorn out of the microwave early so I can get lots of those little half-popped kernels.

What if you could get a hole canister of JUST the half-popped crunchy yummy best part of popping popcorn? Well guess what my friends......YOU CAN!! They are called POPNOTS!™ and they are the best snack ever! I love love love them and since I love them so much I want to share! They aren't sold everywhere, but check the website to see if you can get them near you.....

So here's the deal, I'm giving away a canister (or two) of these awesome POPNOTS!™ because they are THAT good and I like to share!

To enter submit your comments and tell me what your favorite snack is and why I should try it (and where I can get it!). A random number will be drawn by the most sophisticated high tech random number drawing software known to mankind.......her name is Big One.....she has a bucket and she's not afraid to draw numbers out of it!


The Mom Jen said...

Currently my fave snack is Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies!!! Go to the store, the bank, the pet shop, those little girls are everywhere and they're so cute too! ;))

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