Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Devil Wears Baby Gap

AWWWWW......look at that bundle of sweetness...

couldn't you just kiss those sweet smiley cheeks?

Boy does she have you fooled..

Look again


Do you see it now?

The horns beginning to bud through that pile of hair? I didn't notice either until yesterday when I made a sordid attempt at picking up her Albuterol script at Target.
I walked into Target just like normal, got my cart just like normal (I mean let's face it folks, she's been to Target once or a hundred times since birth) and lifted her up to put her in the cart seat in the front like normal.....only this time very unlike normal she starts SCREAMING as though I have just chopped off her arm and kicking her feet, flailing her arms and just totally freaking the fuck out. I am embarrassed to say that I was at a loss. I have never had to deal with such fit-throwing. Big One did not throw WAFs (Wild ASS Fits---thank you More Wine Please) like this and I'm not sure I know anyone with a ONE YEAR OLD that acts like a three year old BRAT on crack. It was the most heinous experience of my life. The fits did not end with the cart incident either. She wanted DOWN. She wants to crawl around on the floor. She did not want to be confined to the seat OR the cart. I tried putting her in the cart part too.....not having it. She wanted out and down and on the floor. She screamed, she cried she threw an all out WAF like I have never born witness to. She is One.Year.Old. Holy Omen child Batman.......God help me.

She was AWFUL. I mean AWFUL. She REDEFINED the word awful. It was awful to the point that I may never be able to go to my fav Target again. I may be a marked woman.....they may see me coming and put the place on lockdown.
Her temper is getting stronger and her demanding personality is something that I don't know quite how to deal with......but lets just say that I see a lot of cases of the red ass in her future!


Jennifer said...

Poor Little One. She's just misunderstood. At least that is what my brother told me about Baby Girl, and she was like that, which is to say JUST LIKE HIM.

Tenakim said...

I swear to you- I had one of those- just one. She was/is the devil incarnate until she was about 2. Then she was a sweet as the day is long UNTIL she turned 8ish. I have never known a more psychotic female in all of my life- we just got into it this morning- because she doesn't like Frosted Flakes- the Academy should have been watching- she deserved the Award! God help us both!

Amy said...

HaHaHa yep i got one of those too! Most of my blog is about her.

morewineplease said...

oh dear! I am so sorry. YOu are hear by a part of the WAF mommy hood! Welcome, its an interesting road.
Something about that second child!

The Mom Jen said...

oh my son was like that and he evolved luckily...though turning 8 tomorrow, he's becoming a bit michevious again...hopefully just a phase!

kmoye said...

i'll tell ya Girls are DRAMA!
I cannot believe my mom didn't tell me what little turds girls can be. my "angel" has thrown many a fit and i just don't give in. (not trying to give advice here)
all i can say is i perfected the "mommmy stare" and that usually worked until she reached three-ish.

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