Monday, March 16, 2009

Half Assed

What does two cold and rainy weekend days imprisoned in your home with a whiny and grumpy and "bored" 7 year old and a sick teething quick and agile 1 year old equal?

It equals Mommy stopped at the Wine List today and purchased two (yes I said two....don't judge weren't there this weekend) bottles for tonight!!

It also equals half projects done all over the house and half the new cage babygate thing installed, half of the laundry done, half of the Daisy patches ironed on, half of the bathroom (my half...ha ha ha) cleaned, half of the pictures retouched, half of the movie I rented watched, half of facebook twitter and blog-reading done and half of my sanity out the window.... okay, more like 60% of my sanity out the window and 40% down the hatch in that cute new wine glass my BFF got me (see picture above...not mine but very similar.....mine says Mommy's Sippy Cup)
How is it that you have no less than 45,000 Littlest Pet Shops, 8 million Webkinz, 2 giant Sterilite's of dress-up paraphernalia, any of 5 televisions and DVD players available, an XBox 360, a Wii, the biggest closet full of art supplies known to man, a desktop and a laptop at your convenience and 485 million Pixo's, yet you are "bored" and you have "nothing to do" and you "never get to do anything" and you hate it. (and before you start with how spoiled she is....I am well must know that she has three sets of grandparents to blame...I do NOT, I repeat NOT buy her all that crap)....I cannot take the drama
And Little One....well, I got nothin there....she's just wild and wide the fuck open ALL.THE.TIME. and she obviously was meant to be a boy. She is quite destructive and well...we've already discussed her temper and whatnot....
So, just imagine the stuck insideness of that whole scenario for me....
it was a very whiny, grumpy, grouchy, need a Xanax and an attitude adjustment courtesy of the Wine List, ill-pill kind of weekend.....and that was just me....
How was your weekend?


vanna said...

love the sippy cup! Try throwing houseguests and an extra child into that mix and you have my week-end....ugh!! when are you coming to visit by the by???

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

I wish I liked wine but just can't seem to tolerate it.

My daughter is the same way! I'm bored! She has a room jam packed with all kinds of chit to keep her busy. Instead she would just like to sit right next to me and cramp my style....SHEESH give me some breathing room! Ugh

The Mom Jen said...

I KNOW! *monica from friend's voice!*

We had 75 things to do this weekend so skulls would have been cracked if I heard a whine.

I gave up wine because it was bothering me, now i'm back on it and it's starting to bug me again. I need a new drug (lol Huey Lewis) cranberry!?

I wish I could go pick you up for a GNO.

Jennifer said...

My friend tells her daughter she can find something to do or she can go to bed. I'm going to try and remember that when we get to the "I'm bored" stage.

morewineplease said...

well it clearly sounds like you deserve 2 bottles!
Cheers... love the glass

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