Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Would You Rather Wednesday!

Look what time it is already.......time for another (yawn) installment of Would You Rather Wednesday......

First up we have Vanity.....

1. Would you rather have a footlong eyelash that you can never pluck OR an earlobe the size of a basketball?

Next up we have Social Quandry......

2. Would you rather stay single forever and loads and loads of the best friends ever OR marry happily but never ever have any friends?

And last today we have Patience....

3. Would you rather have one wish granted today or three wishes granted in 10 years?
...and if you live at my house the question lately is would you rather get up to put the kitten on lock-down in the office so she'll quit playing with your hair at approximately 1:30am EVERY night (kitten on a stick anyone?) OR go upstairs to administer cough medicine at regular intervals to sick me, either way you are gettin no sleep at my casa.......

Thanks to those who play along......and for those of you that don't I am sticking my tongue out at you! Happy Hump Day!


vanna said...

oh i would have the HUGE earlobe for sure, just think how useful it would be......i could earslap my hubby with it when he got on my nerves AND i could throw it over his face to suffocate him while he was CSI could pick up a "suffocation by earlobe"...and i would be able to get BIGGER BLING for it!!

i pick friends cos i just suffocated my hubby with my GIANT EARLOBE

I pick kitty patrol cos i could cozy her up in my GIANT EARLOBE and she would leave my hair alone!!

Hey this giant earlobe is looking to be useful all over the show!!

Hugs and love
Happy happy 4 2MORROW!!

kristi said...

Not the earlobe!

I'd deal with the cat....I was up with a sick kid last night and I feel like somebody kicked me in the head.

I'd probably choose the happy marriage. I guess.

Dorsey said...

I'm gonna go with the earlobe, because I already have lashes too long...always screw up my eye appointments..ugh!

I think I'd be single forever!! Perhaps I'd still have my "girlish figure"

I'd want one wish today. That's all it would take for me.

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