Tuesday, February 24, 2009


To the 1930's.....

These are great! The first one is my favorite.....who knew such promiscuity was advertised in the 1930's? and still so true today!

at least they were promoting safe sex, right?

Um, yeah......we all know there were no women doctors in the 1930's........seriously

So this has been the answer all along? Tapeworms in a can? I still don't think I could do it...sanitized or not
Someone was actually paid to write this next ad and in the 1930's I'll just bet it was a man......Lysol....come on

(if you can't read it.....this is what the ad says...."Day after heartbreaking day I was held in an unyielding web...a web spun by my husband's indifference. I couldn't reach him anymore! Was the fault mine? Well...thinking you know about feminine hygeine, yet trusting to now and then care, can make all the difference in married happiness, as my doctor pointed out. He said never to run such careless risks...prescribed "Lysol" brand disinfectant for douching--always.
Oh, the joy of finding Tom's love and companionship once more! Believe me, I follow to the letter my doctor's instructions on feminine hygiene...always use "Lysol" for douching! I wouldn't be satisfied now with salt, soda or other household solutions. Not with "Lysol" a proven germ killer that cleanses so gently yet so thoroughly. It's easy to use too and economical. The very best part is "Lysol" really works!"

and if this is all it takes to be happy......

Now I have been known to partake in the occasional cigarette when I drink but odds are not in your favor if you think blowing cigarette smoke in my face will make me swoon and follow you around........

cause who doesn't carry around a can opener in their pocket?

ahhh, Some Day has arrived......thank God! I'm so glad I live in the land of "Some Day"

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