Monday, November 17, 2008

Parenting.....the Said So way

so I'm not really enjoying this whole single parenting gig I've been forced into, what with the Husband's suck ass new work hours. You know, it's not like I wasn't already doing everything anyway, but somehow it seems like I can't get ahead of myself and everywhere I turn there is something to be done....a mess to be cleaned up, a load of laundry to do, a dish to be washed, a bottle to be washed, a bottle to be made, a bed to be made, a bathroom to clean, a floor to be vacuumed, bills to be paid, work to be on time for, homework to help with, baths to give, stories to be read, dinner to be made, dinner to be put away, mouths to feed, minis to take care of, etc.....ALL BY MYSELF.....which means that during this time of year when I am extremely busy with photography work where there are consults and pictures to be taken and pictures to be edited (which takes time........of which I have NONE) and clients to advise and cards to be picked out and announcements to work up and orders to be sent in and delivered, etc, that I have even less of myself to give.

I feel like my life is running in circles and I'm getting a little of this done and a smattering of that done......but nothing completed, at least not to my standards. I am running myself completely into the ground and I have no time to myself. "that's what you get for having minis".....I know, I know. I'm trying here......really trying. Running out of fuel fast and hard, and hanging by a thread or two but I'm trying. I didn't sign up for this.....I think someone is playing a cruel joke on me. I'm not sure my parenting is up to par....but you know what, they are fed, clothed, educated, healthy what if they are neglected emotionally.....kidding....sort of

Big One learned to ride her bike yesterday. Yay Big One! So I know you are picturing the Husband running up and down the street behind Big One helping her learn, cheering her on...."you're doing great Big One!" "almost,'ve almost got it!".......what a proud moment in parenting, right?! Your eldest daughter has learned to ride her bike.......FINALLY. . (insert record screeching sound effect here)


What actually happened is this:

Big One has been trying on and off for the past year to learn to ride her bike. She just could not do it with the Husband or with me. We tried continually. We ran...we caught the falling mini...we encouraged....we were exhausted. So the bike was put away to collect dust in the garage until yesterday when she decided she was ready to try it again..........soooooooo The Husband takes Big One, her bicycle, her helmet and a pat on the back over to the neighbor's house, drops her off and 20 minutes later she comes riding up the street on her bicycle...."I did it" "I'm doing it!! I'm riding my bike"

Yep, the neighbor taught her to ride her bike and in like 5 minutes........

We are so proud......of her......not us........we suck.......this is just MORE proof of how bad we suck!

So cheers Neighbor Dude, we couldn't have done it without you. Thanks for taking our parent cards and flushing them down the toilet.......


Off to try to catch a minute of 30million hours of TIVO'd programming before I crash.....


Shan said...

I feel ya. Hubster works mad hours in the oil field. Boo for jobs that suck up husbands time. Yay for bike riding. Diva princess has been hard at work teaching her younger cousin all about the potty. I had been trying for a while. She takes her in there whenever she goes, niece has been dry and clean a whole day. Yay kiddo potty training. Kinda makes me feel silly for being out mom-ed by a toddler. Oh well, at least it is in full swing, right?
Hopefully you find some you time. And soon. Good luck!

Kelly said...

Hope you get some time soon. I hate that there's never a point in this whole "mom" thing where you can kind of look around and say, "Whew, that was rough but I'm ALL done. I might take off a few minutes early today!" Sure, that'll happen.
And, as for bike riding - hooray for Big One. My oldest basically taught himself the other day. Finally the embarrassment outweighed the fear and he just did it. Yep, we suck too.

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