Thursday, November 20, 2008

Being Thankful

So I'm ready for next week. For many reasons actually. First and foremost being Thanksgiving (NOT)......oh I could lie and get all sappy and tell you wonderful stories about Thanksgivings of yore and although I do usually look forward to Thanksgiving every year, this year with the passing of my Grandmother brings different family dynamics....which I will explain later but for now, onto why I'm excited about next week FOR REAL....

1. I'm off work all week next week.

2. Not only am I off work all week, but Big One and Little One will be respectively in school and daycare even though Mommy is not at work...and YES, YES, Hell-to-the-yes I am still bringing them to school and daycare even though I'll be off....with the exception of Thanksgiving Day of course....I'm not totally devoid of that "family" love (puke)

3. I'm gettin my hair did while I'm off!! This task is well overdue, however when you are sole caregiver to an entire household including a husband you never see, two ungrateful mess making minis and a house that can't seem to stay clean or orderly, getting your hair-do on can be quite a challenge. I never have time OR a babysitter....and who takes their 6 year old and 8 1/2 month old to the salon? NOT ME! But I do love gettin my hair did.....

4. Did I mention the days off work and time to MYSELF??? Time to get my closet that is in DIRE need of some cleaning outage....organized (yeah right)

5. Getting out the Christmas decorations out (puke)

6. Taking Little One to get sewer pipes installed in her ears.......(she's getting tubes Wednesday and yes, I am excited) me sadistic but I have good reasons.... I know from prior experience.....3 times....with Big One is no big deal)...but nonetheless I am excited about it because it means less frequent trips to the pediatrician for antibiotics and co-pays and a happier Little One with less ear infections and the crap that goes along with them.

7. I might be able to get my house straightened out....big MIGHT

8. I'm getting a new kitten......WE are getting a new kitten, excuse me (sorry Big One)

There might be more reasons for me to be thankful next week, if I think of any you'll be the first to know.

You know, now that I think about it, once you count out Wednesday for Little One's sewer pipe procedure, Thursday for Thanksgiving and Friday the teacher workday/daycare closed my "week off" has dwindled down to two days, Monday and Tuesday to myself. CRAP...reality bites

Okay, back to why I could not possibly care less about Thanksgiving this year. Well first of all it's not at my Mom's house which is not acceptable. Mom lives a half a mile from me and I don't have to haul half my house over there when I go, she is well equipped for handling and entertaining minis. Second it's at my Aunt's house where if you so much as breathe on anything you will be looked at with shame and disgust. It's like a museum. Third, since my Grandmother is not with us this year, my aunt doesn't feel like she needs to do the regular Thanksgiving dinner. That alone fucks up the whole point of the day for me. I NEED my dressing and mashed potatoes. I look forward to that luscious stuffing cooked in the bird and the most perfect mashed potatoes ever and the broccoli casserole and the melt in your mouth goodies. Not this year. This year we'll have HAM, cause the Aunt doesn't like turkey. Who the fuck has HAM on Thanksgiving.......and I HATE ham by the way......and I don't even like that side of the family. Now I'm forced to have a family meal with the fake niceties and the fake familiness.

Really it's just a wasted day this year....a wasted day off work that could be better spent on my own stuff doing things I want to do for me....not for you or the Husband or the minis...just me. Because isn't Thanksgiving all about being selfish?

and just because I think it's funny as hell I'm going to share this......if you don't already read it

it's funny for of my favorite blogs


Kelly said...

OMG - you so have to come over and read my post today. My sentiments are so much like yours for Thanksgiving! And have a GREAT week (two days) to yourself! Don't clean a damn thing - do other stuff that's fun. Shop for clothes larger than a 6x, drink during the day, have lunch where they don't have Happy Meals - wow, the list goes on and on! Or - TAKE A NAP!

Marla said...

way to go on time for yourself... and by all means take advantage... and as kelly said... take a nap every day...

skip thanksgiving... without the turkey and mash there is no point and if you live that close to begin with does it really matter if you are there?

Tenakim said...

I was having Christmas anxiety too- about shopping so I went to the stores and that just reminded me that I have to get out my damn decorations!

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