Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

it's Friday and I'm feeling pretty good about life how about Fantastic Friday!!

Buckle up we go!

1. We just got the most FANTASTIC news about my Dad's cancer today and that's why I'm on cloud 9 this afternoon......there is no bursting my bubble today!!!

2. I knew it was going to be a FANTASTIC day when I got in my car this morning and it was sitting on FULL.....the Husband took it last night when he got home from work while I was sleeping and filled it up.....he does good things SOMETIMES....

3. I got the primo parking spot in front of my favorite cupcake-for-lunch Cafe.....and yes, once again I had a cupcake for lunch.....what can make a Friday more FANTASTIC than a damn cupcake for lunch!!

4. After a solid year of dating I finally met my brother's mystery I know why she's been a mystery.....kidding.....sort of

5. I have on the most FANTASTIC looking shoes today.....key word there is LOOKING, cause they ain't FEELING so fantastic!

6. I have 3 shoots this weekend for Christmas pictures......much needed is ALWAYS FANTASTIC!

7. I wish I were more ambitious and had more time on my hands to be part of these bloggy fun Secret Santas and Preppy Decoration Swap things.....

8. Little One has been sleeping until about 7:00am........does this mean I will actually get to sleep until 7:00am tomorrow? That would be FANTASTIC!!....I'm not holding my breath though

9. Dammit, I've got 3 shoots this weekend for Christmas pictures and I haven't got my shit together...not so FANTASTIC, but see #6

10. I am not going to get all political on you now.....but I think the election outcome is FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC!!!!!

for more Friday Fragments, see Mrs.4444!!

Happy Friday Friends!


Tenakim said...

yay on your dad's cancer

FUNNY mystery girlfriend!!!

I, too, keep meaning to follow through on SSS, but what is the preppy dec. thing? Damn husband- I feel like I'm missing out on everything!

I second the election- woo hoo!

The Mom said...

Great news on the cancer, i'll be praying!

Why so mysterious?? Spill! ;)

Mrs4444 said...

Loved your FF post! Happy for you and your dad :) Love that your hubby did that for you, too. Mine does that kind of thing now and then; he's a keeper, too :)

morewineplease said...

Praise God on the Good news about your dad! THAT IS AWESOME!!

Lipstick said...

Giggle....Fantastic post!!!

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