Thursday, November 6, 2008

FaceCrack Chronicles -part II

Sorry for the lack of attention to the blog this week.....feel like I've been apologizing for that a lot lately. My mind has been otherwise occupied with cancer and work and minis and I have not had any good or uplifting posts roaming around the old brain this week.

so how about another FaceCrack Chronicles?

Okay so I'm on FaceCrack as you all know by now. For a while I was all about FaceCrack and spent a lot of time on it and added new friends and did a lot of catching up. Left and right I'm adding friends and decorating Christmas trees and starting farms (wha?) and receiving Flair and bumper stickers and passing drinks and being super poked (and not in THAT way....get your mind out of the gutter). I open my email one day and there is a "friend" I go to FaceCrack thinking its going to be another "friend" from high school or something. It is NOT a friend from high school or a new friend or even an old friend, it's not a friend at's this guy I hooked up with in 1993, went out with him 3 or 4 times till he started getting all attached and wanting to be my boyfriend and I quickly left skid marks in the other direction and never talked to him again......yep, he found me......HOW he found me I will never know but he found me. You see my name on FaceCrack is my married name, not my maiden name so I haven't a clue as to how he found me. He isn't "friends" with any of my "friends" on there so I know that's not how.

and since you asked, yes, I did click 'ignore'. A week or so later it shows up and so requests you as a 'friend'.......OMG......he's stalking me. I'm a little worried about this FaceCrack stalker. I mean I don't think he'd do anything and he certainly has no idea where I live or anything.....the interwebz is a very scary little place. A wonderful place and FaceCrack is addictive for a minute but something like that will make you stop and think for at least 30 seconds before logging back on......but it hasn't stopped me from commenting and messaging on FaceCrack at all.......I need help

And for those of you who read my FaceCrack Chronicles mystery blogger post on My Therapy when Tena was on her extended vacay the update is that she continued adding my 'friends' one at a time right on down the list. The kicker was her requesting to be friends with my brother.......yes she did

say a prayer for my Dad bloggy friends........we need as many as we can get


Lipstick said...

I think it's funny that you call it FaceCrack! I'm addicted too.

vanna said...

aw i am a facecrack addict too...wanna be my friend? oh and if you just leave the friend request nothing to it and they can't ask you again!!!

because I said so said...

Of course I wanna be your friend vanna....I heart you!

thanks for the tip too....I did not know this tidbit of valuable knowledge...good to know

Jennifer said...

I lvoe that you call it FaceCrack. It is sooooo addicting!

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