Thursday, July 23, 2009


Big One got into this fancy charter school in our area (we put her name in the lottery for the 3rd year in a row with NO hopes or expectations and SHE GOT IN!!). It's the closest thing to private school you can get without the price tag to go with it.

It is WAY different from the normal public school she is used to. It is what is considered year round school. Meaning, she starts school next Wednesday. July 29th. Holy SHITBALLS that's early. Summer just started about 10 minutes ago. Weren't we just in Hilton Head last week?

The rest of her friends don't start for another month. She's a little miffed, but also looking forward to going to a new school. She is not, however excited by the uniforms. She's at the age where clothes and cuteness matter. They matter in a big way. The uniforms they wear? NOTSOMUCH cute as they are institutional. I understand that is the point, but I am a grownup (most of the time). Try explaining this concept to the 7 year old that is forced to wear navy/white/or light blue tops (polo shirts or button down only) tucked in at all times with a belt, khaki/ or navy bermudas, skirt to the knee or uniform pants, white socks and athletic shoes.

We are not pleased with the selection. We are even more pissed that a new rule was passed that they can only wear athletic shoes. No flats, no slip ons, no crocs, no boots, no flops. Oh the humanity!

But skirts look so stupid with tennis shoes Mom........I HATE tucking in my shirts........I hate this belt, I look like Steve Urkle......I look like I work at a grocery store......

suckitup sista.......everyone wears the same thing (as I walk away smiling!)

I LOVE this concept. There will be no more World War III in the morning about our outfit. There will be no fighting over clothing choices. It will be grand. I'm thinking this way the only thing she could possibly be worried over is wearing the right kind of shoes (don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about). I mean, you wouldn't want to be caught dead in Keds anymore. Sketchers seem to be the shoe of choice right now and some Nike's will do. She settled on one pair of white Sketchers w/ navy and pink accents and two pair of Converse, one navy and one white. These should do nicely I think. She just got a new pair of Sperry Topsiders but those were just outlawed so DAMMITALLTOHELL! There's $45 down the tubes. She'll never wear them at home. I can barely get her to wear shoes at all at home.

We have gone to Staples and used my business discount to buy all the 85million school supplies. We have purchased a new bookbag at Target and I think we are ready to go.

It just feels weird to be doing all this in July. It's still July people. At least wait till August 1st. Somehow August sounds better, even if it is the beginning.

There is no cafeteria at this school. Lunch is 'catered'. Oh yes, catered. There are no buses so if you can't provide your kid a ride to school then don't apply for the lottery. There will be approximately 50 students in her graduating class. There are only 3 second grade classes with about 16 or so students in each as opposed to her old school where there was tremendous overcrowding and 9 second grade classes with about 21 students in each. I am thrilled. I can't wait. THRILLED to get her out of that public school atmosphere. I think it will be a great move. Interesting too, I hear the politics at this school are incredible. I don't get into all that, but it will be fun to sit back and watch.

She has mixed feelings.......I hope she loves it. Keep your fingers crossed!


Jennifer said...

I hope you (and Big One) can stay out of he politics. School politics are the worst... just the worst.

I like the idea of uniforms too, but I can definitely see how kids would HATE them.

vanna said...

ah that's awesome, we are on year round school also....she will love having the week off every six weeks..believe me!!

Anonymous said...


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tiger said...


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