Monday, July 20, 2009

Hello? Is this the Center for Disease Control?

1. Hand Foot and Mouth Disease

2. Bronchitis

3. Ear Infection

4. Sinus Infection

5. Stomach Virus

In the past 3 weeks this is what Little One has been doing.

It has been more fun than you can imagine.

Especially the stomach virus. She and I had 4 showers, 5 outfit changes, 3 sheet changes, 5 loads of laundry, 2 carpet shampoos, 3 kitchen floor scrub downs and one bathroom fumigation.

It is amazing to me that one little short 25 lb. human can produce that much.....well, gross. I wasn't even involved in the vomiting....but I was the only one involved in cleaning it up. I can't explain the joy of having someone else's puke in your hair and down your bra. It's fun times for sure.

If you have are familiar I feel sure.

I'm saying a prayer to the Stomach Virus Gods. It involves candles and chanting and strange dance moves. I am praying that the rest of us are spared.....

Work with me

Pray for us

Dance......chant......light a candle


Jennifer said...

One of the kids puked on me so bad one time that it was pooling in my clothes, like I had puke puddles all over.

vanna said...

dancing and chanting and lighting candles for you!! hope the sick God's are listening!!

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