Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Jillian,


It took you that long to get rid of that slimeball?

Honey, I'm not seeing a "connection" with any of these boys that throws sparks in the air. I fear this is going to be another big dissappointment. Another many hours of wasted time that I will never get back, yet you people keep sucking me in.

I don't get it. Aren't you dissappointed? I think we all know you aren't going to marry any of these clowns, right?

I call for a re-do.....you should get a whole new crop to choose from just because of what an asshat Wes turned out to be, and I hate country music anyway so SUCK IT Wes!

On the upside though, girl you are the cutest dresser. I am totally diggin your clothes....might want to consider doing something with the nose, although you are super cute regardless.....just sayin.

Totally sick of the lameness of both Bachelor and Bachelorette,



Swoozie said...

I agree. Jillian is one kooky chick. And to have hung onto Wes for as long as she did is just plain embarrassing!

Ugh.....and yet I still watched the damn show last night. Now I'm embarrassed! LOL!

Anonymous said...


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tiger said...


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