Monday, August 10, 2009

joining the WWE

This little angel has been quite sick. In case you weren't aware, she was a preemie and due to her delayed lung development has chronic bronchiolitis, which they tell me she will outgrow (hearing me God?).

She has had a particularly bad case this past week and by Saturday when all the usual suspects (OraPred, antibiotic, Albuterol & Pulmacort and some cough medicine for good measure) weren't kicking it, or even touching it, we went back to the doctor.

She received a steroid injection while she was there. This was as un-fun as it gets. She eventually got over the tragedy of getting a shot. Drama all over the doctor's office.....but....

By Saturday evening she had morphed into the devil incarnate

I think my 17 month old has "roid rage"....and I'm not even kidding

that or she is going to be the worst and meanest mini with the most horrendous temper in the history of mankind.

I choose roid just has to go just has to


Jennifer said...

Baby Girl has had that before, and it is bad. You feel like someone has replaced your kid. The doctor warned me about it first. He said, "she could get mean." I laughed it off. Oh... so not the smart thing to do.

vanna said...

ah boo, that's sucky...hope everyone heals up soon!!

jodikris said...

I am so sorry. My dad has to take steroids in high dosages to live and his rage was BAD at one point. I can't imagine how it is on a baby.

Scary Mommy said...

Oh, no! A face like that should never be sick!!!

morewineplease said...

beautiful!! hope she is better now!

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