Tuesday, August 25, 2009

not that you care, but......

  • Anyone heard of Zoes Kitchen? It's a chain type place, I hesitate to call it a restaurant because it's more like fast food, but the food is more on the healthy side. No greasy french fries and milk shakes......I know, what's the point....but really, it is DELISH!! I'm so in love with a sandwich called the Gruben.

  • Why does 10 minutes worth of homework have to take 2 hours? If you would just sit down and do it and stop all the bitching and moaning it would only take 10 minutes....if that. Honest to GAH......some days I want to poke out my eyeballs with a fork and stick red hot pokers in my ears. I don't deal well with whining.

  • I need to get my hair did. In the worst way. Making my appointment now.

  • My husband's family is like a real life soap opera and boy has it gotten ugly lately. Every week there is a new episode with a dramatic peak that leaves you hanging on for more. It really is like living a reality show. It's funny and sad at the same time. A Dramady (dramedy?) if you will. I should tell those stories....some of you have heard some of them from my old Yahoo group.....oh it's gotten so much better (or juicier I should say) over the last year.

  • Finally got our refinancing done. Feel pretty good about it. Saved about $300 a month. Not bad and sorely needed now with me on 4 days a week.

  • What is the best teeth whitening to do at home. There is a big discussion going on about this in my GNO group and I want outside opinions.......if you are into that sort of thing, do tell

  • I thought I loved mineral makeup. We started off with a bang...it covered everything and left my skin looking flawless and smooth. Woot!! Loving it so far. I went to the restroom at work about 2 hours later and my skin looked like someone had baked a cake on it and forgot to grease and flour the pans.....sheesh what a mess. Not loving it. Not loving it at all. The color of it seemed different later on too, like it no longer matched my skin tone, kind of got darker or something. Yuck.

  • Little One will be 18 months old a week from today. I just can't believe that. What a difference a year makes.

  • I want to know where my friend Jodi got her motivation and continues to get it. I want to know how much she's lost, what her secrets are and what kind of work outs she does. Need to know. Want to know. I admire her. She is incredibly motivated and so funny. She and my other friend Jennifer are two of the funniest and most sincere people I've never met. Yes......I've never met them......love them to DEATH though. MWAH!!!

  • I am a little nervous about this season. Our defense couldn't beat their way out of a wet paper bag and our offense is mediocre at best. Only 2 games into preseason and we've lost 3 starting defensive players. Not looking good........it's gonna be a long season. I will not give up. One thing you will never be able to call me is a fair weather fan. Thick and thin baby....thick and thin.

  • What do your minis eat? Do they eat what you eat for dinner or are you fixing 19 different meals every night like me? I need ideas. Big One is going to turn into a hot dog with mandarin oranges and broccoli on the side soon. It won't be pretty.

  • And while I'm being nosey, what kind of vitamins do your minis take? Mine are liking the Finding Nemo gummy vites right now but Big One only likes the orange ones and there are about 5 orange ones in every bottle. Why is it that I can't find a vitamin she will eat every color of? There is always an issue. ALWAYS. That's my girl...

  • Big One and her three little proteges from across the street are camping out in our backyard this Friday night. The adults plan to grill out and drink adult beverages while attempting to roast marshmallows and make smores over the fire pit. The girls (a 13 year old, a 10 year old and two 7 year olds) will do lots of giggling and story telling. We are taking bets on what time they end up at home in their beds.

  • Melanie Griffith back in rehab. Really. Who cares. Really.

  • Michael Jackson's death ruled a homicide. Who didn't see that coming.

  • Curb Your Enthusiasm starts back in September. Woot woot!! I'm still catching up on True Blood season 1 through Netflix before I watch season 2 now airing. They only send one disc at a time and each one only has 2 episodes on it. Season 2 will be over by the time I get caught up.

  • Just finished a good audio book that is both dark and at some times hard to listen too, but very very good. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn.

That's all I got right now......I'll be back if my brain starts working, though I wouldn't hold my breath.


Jennifer said...

We do Flintstone gummies and then the bear ones with the immunity stuff in them. Even I take them. I figure better than nothing, right? I have no complaints.

My minis eat what we eat unless I'm making something I abslolutely know for sure she will not eat (Bud has no problems gobbling anything down) and then I fix her easy mac.

I miss the dramadey stories. I was thinking about them the other day and how funny they were. OMG, I would LOVE it if you would write some of those, but I understand if you can't.

And thanks for the linkage sista, you know I love you too.

jodikris said...

I get my motivation from a lot of places...mostly my uncle dying of diabetes at 61 recently. I don't wanna put my kids through that. To date I have lost 72 lbs. 12 of that I lost in surgery the other 60lbs was the HARD way! Thanks for the props right back at ya!

My kids eat whatever we eat unless its something I KNOW they hate. Since I am eating healthy so are they!

We also use the gummy vitamins but our's come from SAM's and are Sam's brand! I take a multivitamin, one iron, a calcium, a vitamin c everyday. I also am now trying a vitamin B.

vanna said...

screw you i am funny too ok!!

GO SMILE.....totally and utterly the best teeth whitener EVER...I MEAN EVER...little capsules you crack and rub all over...EVER!!!

When u use mineral make up, only use bare essentials, all the other are crap, use the lady at Sephora for a free lesson and never attempt to put in on while your face is slighlty wet or moist....um yuck, CACKEY, MESS!

My minis only eat organically, non chemically altered home grown vegetables and farm raised in my back garden eggs and meat......NOT.....they eat whatever i put in front of them or there will be hell to pay....lol!! Green giant makezs some rice pilaf things, Eleni loves them, pop in micro and hey presto rice and veggies!! My kids will also eat the green giant creamed spinach...
When i know we are going to eat sometyhing spicy , i buy the Amy's kids meals, Eleni Loves the ziti meal.

I NEED MORE "AS THE STOMACH TURNS" and yes i am screaming!!!

Yes Jodi does rock, i want her motivation also!!

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