Thursday, May 28, 2009

We aren't THAT cool people.....

I think maybe the angle of that photo makes the slide look bigger than it actually is. The pool is so NOT a huge pool. It is seriously about knee deep on me. I guess it does look like some huge pool to play in.......NOT the case at all. Plus it takes 85,000 years to fill up so you'd have to slide for like 12 hours before it's all the way full. At maximum capacity it might be up to my knees. I'll take some more photos and post them.

Taking nothing away from the fun factor of the whole thing though. It is so much fun. The entire neighborhood loves it, even the cool kids that have 'actual' pools in the back yard! It is definately hours of entertainment for the kids.

Can't wait to get my water bill. Super excited about that.
Maybe you can slightly see the kids climbing up the slide on the bottom photo and get a better idea of the actual size of the thing? No? Well, I'll try taking some with my camera instead of my phone and maybe that will be better? Or maybe you guys don't really give a pig's pickle about it.......either way


Tecia said...

Yes, I really love the pool , it is a must have for my girls. Where did you buy it from??

Mags said...

How long does it take to blow it up??? LOL, just kidding!

My kids would love this. We have the non-frills pool (just rectangular), and it takes forever to fill up. We have had as many as 15 neighborhood kids in it though.

kmoye said...

No, i'd say ya'll ARE that cool! awesome slide! If we lived near you, we (i mean my kids) would so be playing at your house on your slide/theme park. : )

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