Thursday, May 14, 2009

happiness is not unimportant...or something like that

the super cute (even though she thinks my name is Holly) blogger MamabearMills over at Pour Some Sugar on Me has tagged me with the meme 6 unimportant things that make me happy! (and this is hard because if it makes me happy, then it must be important.....pfffft!). So since she thinks I'm Holly...maybe she tagged me by mistake and doesn't really give a rip what makes me happy, hmmmm....

1. Little One's hair sprouts. I love putting her hair in those two little sprouts. They look so damn cute in the morning (before she's pulling and yanked them all day) that they make me smile.

2. Half cut tea. If you know me, you know I'm southern to the core and they might revoke my Southern Belle Card if they knew I liked my tea half sweet/half unsweet instead of fully loaded.

3. A Tivo full of my favorite shows!! I love when my Tivo has tons of stuff for me to catch up on, especially on the weekends when I might occasionally be known to lay on my bed and watch tv clean clean clean till my fingers fall off while Little One naps and Big One does whatever she's doing.

4. Wine spritzers and grilling (together)...(for you northern friends grilling = see BBQ is a noun as in "Let's eat some BBQ" not a verb as in "Let's go out back and barbeque something")

5. Thursdays (Thursday is the new Friday........for me)

6. My cell phone. LG Lotus. Love it love it love it love it. OH OH OH and and and I also love my new iPod Touch, but funny enough hated the iPhone when I did the 30 day trial, but that's 7 things so if I had to choose then definately the phone.

Now I tag :
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the Mom Jen at Cheaper than Therapy
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(do we see a Theraputic pattern to all of this?)


Jennifer said...

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

vanna said...

ah crap so it was you who started all this inportant stuff.....crap and i wanted to tag your little booty!

Tasha said...

Congrats! God bless Tivo- I would miss everything if it wasn't for my beloved Tivo.

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