Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Sparkely Tip for You

You learn something new every day right? Or so they say.....whoever "they" are.

Today wasn't a big learning day for me but I did manage one really seemingly small tidbit that I thought was cool. If you already know this then why didn't you tell me sooner and if you didn't then you should try it because, pinky swear it works better than any ultrasonic fancy schmancy jewelry store cleaning machine ever did.

I don't think my diamonds sparkled this much when they were new. I find myself looking at my rings again where normally they are just there, you know one of those things that's just been there so long you don't notice it anymore. I probably wouldn't have thought to mention it honestly but I got two compliments on my sparklers today. I'm now convinced.

I was with my Mom today at the manufacturing jewelers picking up some of my Grandmother's jewelry they were having appraised for splitting amongst the son's wives. There is controversy. Personally I could give a shit, didn't care for her all that much anyway and I'm positive the feeling was mutual, but that's getting off topic. While we were there (since I don't frequent jewelry stores..being that I can't afford nice real jewelry....I'm more of the jewelry-section-in-Target kind of girl) I asked them to clean my rings. They were happy to oblige but the owner brought my rings back out to me and told me that the absolute best way to clean your rings, better even than their machines is to get a microwave safe tupperware bowl and fill with water about 1/4 full (medium sized and not a lot of water, but enough to cover what you'll be putting in the bowl) squirt a small amount of ORIGINAL BLUE (not scented green or yellow or any of the others) DAWN (has to be Dawn) dish liquid in the bowl. Do not put your jewelry in yet. Microwave the bowl until boiling or almost boiling (2 or 3 minutes or so, sometimes less depending on the amount of water and size of bowl) and take out of microwave. (you can put soap in before or after microwaving, but I do it before) Drop your jewelry in immediately. Cool to see it foam up when your dirty jewelry hits the hot water! Leave the bowl and go about your business. Later when you come back to rinse in cool water your diamonds will be so sparkly you'll think someone came and stole yours and replaced them with brand new ones!

The Dawn (as explained by the jewelry goddess) gets the dirt and grease from your body and daily wear off safely and more effectively than any other jewelry cleaner there is and leaves no residue, just like when you use it to wash the dirt and grease off your dishes with no spots!!

Love her......might go back and give her a hug.

Got a tip? Share a tip! I love tips.......but not "I heard" tips.....only ones that you use and know work!!


KJ said...

Found your blog thru a friend of a friend- and seriously CAN NOT wait to try the magic jewelry cleaner. I'm literally going to stop at Walgreens on my way home from work to buy the BLUE Dawn and give my rings a bath tonight! Thanks for sharing! :)

Jennifer said...

Cool. I need to try this. My anniversary band is decidedly un-shiny right now.

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