Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I have a hunch you'll be doing this today

have ya'll ever heard of the website HUNCH?

Ever need help making a life changing decision or just a decision on which color pants to wear today? Don't always have a friend or confidant to help with those life altering decisions?

Well then Hunch is the place for you!

Simply answer no less than 185,000 questions about your preferences on anything from which way the toilet paper roll goes (up or down) to what you do after work (no picture of screaming crazy minis to choose from) to what show you find funniest to what you would do if served sea urchin stuffed with jellied sea urchin at a friends house...you know....life changing stuff like that, and the more you answer the more Hunch gets to know you and can easily help you make decisions on things like whether you should break up with your boyfriend or what book you should read next or if you should get a divorce or have more kids or change jobs or get a dog or not get a dog or get rid of the dog you have, move across the country, take a job in Japan, punch your annoying and highly innapropriate neighbor in the throat or kick your stupid husband in the shin and spit in his spaghetti....you know, just examples

It's mindless entertainment. Can be fun and will engross you. Even if you think it's dumb....you will continue to answer the questions and you will become transfixed.

Try it. See if Hunch can help you make that tough decision you've been floundering on and let me know how it goes!


Jennifer said...

I absolutely must go try this out.

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