Tuesday, June 16, 2009

scratch and sniff

do you use Zicam when you have a cold or sinus problems? If so you need to read this now!!!

I personally don't use it or any other nasal spray but I do use Neil Med Sinus Rinse and I swear by it. Can't do much harm with salt water right?

I know people that do use it so I just wanted to share.....don't want any of my peeps losing the ability to sniff out that baby poo

real post coming up....pinky swear


Anonymous said...

He FDA said they received more than 130 reports of anosmia—the loss of sense of smell—associated with use of above three Zicam products. Many people who experienced a loss of sense of smell say that the condition occurred with the ...
Exclusive Video here:zicam-story

Mags said...

I always swore by Zicam when I felt a cold coming on. I saw the story earlier on MSNBC, and, sadly but wisely, have packed them all in a box to disperse at the HAZ refill.

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