Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Putting the "s" in Anniversary

Our 9 year anniversary was last Wednesday (the 27th). We've been married 9 and together 13. That's a long damn time considering I haven't killed him yet. Anyway, the plan was that we were going to get a sitter and go out Saturday night, we even had "plans" with another couple whose anniversary was also last week and they also have a 7 year old girl and a baby that is 15 months old. What are the odds? Or are they really Single White Female in couple form? Hmmmm....

Well no matter because our "plans" were not to be. None of the grandparents were available for storage and our usual sitter was at the beach. Looks like no night out for us. Oh well, maybe next week.

The husband of the couple we were going out with is a buddy of the Husband's from work. After we broke the bad news the Husband said, hey, you go out to dinner and then come by and have a few drinks on the patio. That sounded fine to me, but I didn't really think they'd come over.

They did.

And they brought another couple (this husband also a work buddy). I don't know these women really. One of them I've met a handful of times and the other I've never seen. I was the odd girl out sitting at the table with my glass of wine whilst all the others guzzled beer. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all about having a good beer, but wow.....

I am normally very social and can get along with most anyone. I love having people over. It's always a good time. About an hour into the visit I started to realize I had not much in common with these two ladies and that perhaps this might not be where they want to be. They didn't have much to say and I tried conversation but to no avail. It was just kind of awkward if you know what I mean. I guess I felt like I was never in on the joke or something. After a few glasses of wine and them guzzling some more beer things got better and we ended up having a decent time. Mostly because my husband and I spent all night laughing our asses off at the mispronunciation of everything. It was downright hilarious.

We all ended up in the mancave above the detached garage and one of the ladies was talking about her obsession with getting stuff for free and the lengths to which she has gone to do so. Amazing. Utterly amazing. She has closets and pantries and cabinets and an entire garage full of cases of toothpaste, bodywash, soap, razors, toothbrushes, facewash, brushes, combs, dish detergent, laundry detergent, baby formula.....and the list goes on and on and on. It's breathtaking....and strange. But anyway the other wife kept talking about "WalMarts". I didn't think much of it at first but then I began to notice that she not only pluralized WalMart but she added a random "s" to lots of things. For instance Targets and Twilights and powders. When I pointed this out to my husband it became a running inside joke and both of us were nearly in tears laughing after a while. It was just too much. Every time she spoke we were holding in our laughter. Like to teenage boys that just smoked a big fattie. It was hilarious. If nothing else, at least the two of us had a good time even if we didn't get to go out.

Of course now everything is plural at our house. In fact I'm going to WalMarts today and you better believe I'm going to get me some powders.

I might even stop by KMarks (not KMart with a "t".....KMarks with a "ks")

Watch out or I might stop by Costcos


Anonymous said...

Inside jokes are the best kind! Congrats on the anniversary. :)

kmoye said...

congrats on your anniversary! That IS a long time not to have killed your hubby, i'll have to get some pointers.

Jennifer said...

Happy anniversary. And you guys are just too pretty. No wonder your kids are so beautiful.

And so freakin' young. You both look about 18.

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